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DIY Last Minute Group Halloween Costumes

We have all been there, folks. Halloween did not necessarily creep up on you; however, you chose to ignore the fact that it was coming even though everyone and their mom reminded you starting October first. Thanks, Aunt Sherry! But alas, the party is tonight, and either you and your honey or your friends do not have anything to wear to the ball. Here are some quick DIY costume ideas.

1. The Wild Thornberrys


Throw on your mom jeans and your bandana, because you’re going out tonight! The Wild Thornberrys are an easy costume choice. All Debbie (the older blonde sister) requires is a little attitude, baggy jeans, a crop top and a flannel. Eliza is a little bit trickier, but who doesn’t have a dress, a turtleneck and the will to wear pigtails? Grab a camera and a map and you are good to go.

2. The Clueless Girls


Layers, layers, layers! That’s all dressing up as these gals from Clueless takes! Grab a skirt, a button down and a sweater and you are good to go. Combine this with a notebook and a headband and in ten minutes you can be out the door.

3. The Scooby Gang


You can’t go wrong with the classics. Between you and your friends, someone can surely perfect the word “Zoinks.” For these guys it comes down to sweaters, jeans and almost letting the bad guys get away. For Velma and Daphne, a great pair of glasses and a scarf will complete the look!

4. First Ladies


What do American royalty Jackie and Michelle have in common besides their presidential husbands? Their pearls. Throw on your best dress or pants and tie and call yourself First Lady of the party.  

5. Britney and Justin

Britney is trying to make her comeback, so why not help her out? Dress up as OG Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. Denim on denim is in right now. Grab your jean skirts and tops. Extra points if you can pull of the denim cowboy hat.

Julia is junior attending Emerson College for her bachelor of arts degree in journalism. She is originally from a small town in New Hampshire. She enjoys writing about people and feels that everyone has a story to share with the world even if they don't know it yet. 
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