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Decorating Your Dorm for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and it’s time to get festive! For some, that means decorating your dorm room to the nines. Add some color, glitter, even (fake) spiders to your dorm and you’ll have your own haunted house to come back to after classes. One of the best parts about having a dorm room is having the ability to make it yours, so show off your Halloween spirit and decorate! Here are just a few ideas.

1. Pick a color scheme

Whether it is the traditional black and orange, or even all black, pick a color scheme that works well with the decor you already have in your room. If you have a cream colored comforter, it might be fun to add some color with pops of pumpkin orange or bloody red all around your room. If your room is already darker in color scheme, you might want to make it spookier with some cobwebs above your bed.

2. Make it interactive  

Who says “trick or treat” is just for children? Add a bowl of Halloween candy where your roommate can reach in for a treat and be surprised by a hand that grabs theirs. Bowls like the one seen above can be found at Target or drugstores. Place some chillingly realistic spiders or worms around your common area if you’re more into trick than treat.

3. Have fun!

Decorating is awesome at the college level because you can have a little more freedom than you may have had at home. You also don’t have to break the bank—decorating can be inexpensive if you go to a drugstore or a dollar store. You might even be surprised by It might even be how many nice things you may find that you can use year after year. DIY some glitter pumpkins or print out some bats to hang on your walls—the possibilities are endless.

Just be sure all decor fits the safety standards of your school, especially if you’re going to use lights or streamers.

Alexandra is a senior at Emerson College studying writing, literature, and publishing.
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