Dare to Wear: Stockings

Let’s talk about stockings. 

It’s fall and in Boston that means, it’s freezing. It’s time to talk winter wear, but that doesn’t mean we must hide away. Instead embrace the cold, embrace stockings.  

Assiere.com sells a fabulous brand called Kornelia’s Kloset. All of the tights are gorgeous and range in price from twenty to forty dollars. My favorite of the brand are Deeva, Amsterdam (center), and Scarlett, all flirty and sexy and the perfect addition to any outfit. Kornelia's Kloset endeavor to inspire every stocking lover no matter what shape, size or age to take the next step and show their natural beauty and shine!

These next tights are made by Woldford and House of Holland. Woldfold tights are a bit more expensive, but the details are impeccable and definitely worth the price. Lots of brands sell polka dot stockings, but these Bonny Dot Tights are my absolute favorite. Another Woldford wonder are the Diamond Bow tights, which they refer to as “elegant Lolita,” and have large print fishnet and tiny bow on the back ankle.  

House of Holland has some faux suspender tights that are super cute and will keep you warmer than the alternitive and perfect if too much exposed skin makes you feel less than lady like. They also offer ladder tights that add a cheeky little twist to black tights and are absolutely adorable. The star tights are a bit of a show stealer, so you might think of pairing them with a simple LBD rather than using them as the accesory. They should be the main attraction of your outfit. Nordstroms offers both the Woldford, House of Holland and a less expensive version of both the diamond and polka dot tights. 

The simplest answer to your stocking prayers? Nude back seamed tights. I don’t care what you say, they will make you feel sexy, make your legs look longer and can be paired with anything. I’ve bought mine from American Apparel for years because for twenty-five dollars, they are the best material. You can find seamed tights almost anywhere and probably for less, but AA holds up the best in my opinion. As a Catholic schoolgirl who was forced to wear tights everyday, I know a good pair when I see one, and these are just right. If you want to add a little more zest to your seamed experience, try hold ups, which look the same to the average passerby, but have a little secret sex appeal. If you’re looking for those luxury stockings, that won’t last longer, but are handmade and authentic, Dita Von Teese has her own line of hold ups through Secrets in Lace that are delicious and true to the original style. The Dita Full Fashion Stockings are made to the exacting standards of the 1950's originals complete with her trademark logo imprint on the welt, a hand sewn backseam and finishing hole at the top of the welt (that’s what makes it authentic). H&M also offers a cheap version of holdups that only last one or two wears, but cost less than four dollars.  
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