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Cloud Nothings at Brighton Music Hall

When I saw that Cloud Nothings were coming to Brighton Music Hall in Allston, I wrote it on my calendar and made sure that I would go. It was a Sunday night, and I knew I had class the next morning but I figured it would just be a fun, chill show. It definitely was not the calm, dancing-in-place that I expected.

The first band that went on, The Dirty Dishes, absolutely blew me away. They had this incredibly soothing tone that was entirely mesmerizing. I don’t think I looked away from the lead singer for their entire set. It was awesome, and this was the type of concert I had originally thought I was attending.

When Cloud Nothings came on stage around eleven, that’s when things started to get much crazier than I had anticipated. They opened with their new single, “Stay Useless,” and immediately a mosh pit formed in the center front. And of course, I was in the center front. It made sense, though, that the crowd was reacting this way. The band sounded significantly more hardcore on stage than in their recordings. Don’t get me wrong, they totally pulled it off, I was just thrown a little off guard. Here were these four fairly scrawny hipsters playing music that made a bunch of much bigger guys jump around and push each other. It was definitely a sight to see and ultimately made for a great experience, just one that I definitely was not expecting.

But it actually made me like the band more, and I strongly recommend that people download their music and go see them if there is another opportunity. Just stay away from the middle front, or don’t, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Watch the show on MTVhive.com under Live Performances!

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