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Cheer: A must-watch Netflix documentary-series

What’s the hype surrounding the Netflix series about cheerleading? 

When I think of cheerleading, I usually think of pompoms, short, tight, and brightly colored uniforms clapping, screaming, and jumping whenever the athletes scored a point. After watching the first season of Netflix’s hit docuseries Cheer, I associate cheerleading with competition, supernatural athleticism, dedication, and immense pain. I now highly respect this sport – watching the athletes being thrown in the air, tumbling, and performing illegal stunts. The second season of Cheer was released on January 12, 2022. The show was such a success that they announced their live tour just two weeks after the release of the new season!

Competitive cheer is a beautiful, intense, and heartbreaking sport that consumed me and millions of other viewers. The first season struck gold and gained high acclaim, winning two Emmy Awards. The individuals from the first season amassed many followers on social media interviewed celebrities at the Oscars red carpet and were even given $20,000 on the Ellen Degeneres show. 

So, what is this show that has acquired so much prosperity and publicity? Cheer follows the competitive cheer team at Navarro junior college in Corsicana, Texas. The coach, Monica Aldama, prepares the team to compete in the National Cheerleading Championship at Daytona Beach, Florida. She has won the competition more than ten times, making her team one of the best in the nation. The viewer witnesses and feels the high anxiety and drama in preparation for this annual competition. The show focuses on the stories of the teenagers that found cheerleading as a haven from broken homes. Viewers become attached to each character and root for them to find a sense of triumph on “the mat.”

The second season shifted its tone, following the team through the new pressures of fame – appeasing an audience that fills more than the stadium at Daytona. COVID-19 also takes precedence, causing the cancellation of their annual competition. The new season introduces Navarro’s rivals, Trinity College, a community college just 45 minutes away – building more tension and anticipation for the competition. The biggest shock of the entire season is the arrest of arguably one of the most beloved characters on the show, Jerry Harris. If you want more details, I highly suggest logging into Netflix right now to learn more about the hard work, drama, and sacrifice it takes to be a cheerleader. 

Hi! I'm Hannah Shemtov, and I'm a student studying journalism and psychology at Emerson College. I enjoy reporting on culture and international news and is interested in producing for broadcast.
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