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Charity: The Women’s Prison Book Project

*In celebration of the organizations who work day-in and day-out to help and protect those in need, Her Campus Emerson has decided to dedicate all of our content this week to organizations that are important to us.

I’ve always adored books, so when I started researching charities that I might be interested in donating to, the Women’s Prison Book Project immediately caught my eye. The organization actively  fights for free reading materials for imprisoned women and transgender people since 1994. The Prison Book Project calls attention to how so many people are imprisoned for non-violent crimes and crimes of self-defense. They want these people to have access to information through free reading materials that they might otherwise not be able to possess.

For information on the Women’s Prison Book Project, you can visit their website at https://wpbp.org.

Annie Rinaldi

Emerson '22

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