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Emerson has always been a chapter that likes to take risks, so emailing the chapter network to spotlight different Her Campus Chapters at other schools was no different. One of the schools that we decided to introduce to you is the chapter at Temple. Temple is located in North Philly, and according to the CCs of the chapters, “being in the heart of North Philly, Temple University often gets a bad rep. However, that ‘bad rep’ is almost exclusively from people who have never or have very rarely ever visited the school. Our school provides an amazing atmosphere where students from all walks of life come together and share the same pride in being an owl. Also, it doesn’t hurt being just a few Septa stops away from City Hall and a pretty big shopping district!” HC Temple is made up of a wide variety of members, including a plethora of freelance writers, 25 staff writers, and 12 dedicated executive board members.  Each of these groups help the HC Temple team to be as successful as they can. 

As stated, HC Temple has a wide variety of members, and some of their most dedicated are their executive board members: 

  • Co-Campus Correspondent: Rachel McQuiston, junior journalism major, political science minor

  • Co-Campus Correspondent: Delaney Mills, junior communications major

  • Secretary: Bailey Tracy, junior psychology major, political science minor

  • Campus Life and News Editor: Morgan Sullivan, junior communication major

  • Arts and Entertainment Editor: Anna Costello, sophomore advertising major 

  • Fashion and Beauty Editor: Caitlyn Love, junior public relations major, journalism minor

  • Opinion Editor: Rachel Neal, sophomore communications major

  • Graphic Designer: Anne Franscella, junior advertising major

  • Events Coordinator: Marybeth Gerdelman, senior journalism major

  • Instagram Director: Lisa Cunningham, senior journalism major

  • Twitter Director: Alaina DeLeone, junior Public Relations major

  • Facebook Director: Shiann Chambers, junior social work major

The team decided that they wanted to highlight a few feature pieces.  The features that they selected are Rachel McQuiston’s “20 Things I Learned Before 20,” “Backsliding : Oops I Did It Again!” by Maria Clara, Hashanna Lockhart’s “Skincare 101: Changes in the Season,” “Which Diet Coke Flavor Are you Based on your Zodiac Sign” by Delaney Mills, “Top 10 Albums Coming Out Soon” by Kayla Maguire, and Maggie Mancini’s “Chanel Miller, The Warrior.” The team also wanted to highlight Rachel McQuiston’s profile, “Meet the Presidential Candidates for the 2019-2020 TSG Election” which she wrote because both of the presidential candidates were women and because she felt like it would be really empowering for female readers to see the success of the campaigns that were running. Rachel added that “the winning campaign was all-female ran — talk about #girlpower!” For more amazing content from HC Temple, be sure to check out their Her Campus Page

Each year, HC Temple runs a Valentine’s day panel in which their panelists answer questions in a variety of topics including, but not limited to, sex, dating, friendships, and partying! The event is complete with free food, giveaways, and plenty of free condoms to encourage safe sex. They have also partnered with Active Minds at Temple (a mental health support organization on campus) to give away Garnier products. They coupled the product with self-care inspirational quotes to help brighten everyone’s day! Not only that, but the team loved being able to host their College Fashion Week Night-in. The entire executive board got together and they ate pizza and bonded, so that they could get to know each other more outside of the typical meeting setting. 

The team also has a lot of events that are coming up, so if you feel like you missed out on the aforementioned, don’t worry! They are hosting a Her Campus Temple Alumni event where a few members from the team who have graduated are coming back to discuss with members how being involved with Her Campus has helped them in their lives post-college. They are hoping that this event will shape into a networking event, and they plan on having lots of food available to anyone who attends, along with giveaways and opportunities to catch some very instagrammable pics! 

The chapter at Temple has a lot of goals for this upcoming semester, particularly surrounding their Alumni Event. Additionally, the chapter is looking to continue producing quality content, and writing articles that Temple’s students can enjoy. They really want all of their members to feel a sense of pride in their writing, knowing that something that they wrote might impact someone else on campus in a really meaningful way.  

If this is something that you are interested in, you can always join Her Campus at Temple!  The best way to learn about openings on their team is through social media, which you can access all of the team’s pages through these links: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The HC Temple team let us know that they are planning on opening their staff writer position, and anyone looking to jon will be able to apply through the link in their bio. If you don’t want to be a staff writer, but still want to write with HC Temple, you can feel free to sign up to be a freelance writer for their team as well! If you have any questions for the chapter, feel free to shoot them an email at HC.Temple@hercampus.com, and they can answer your questions that way! 

The chapter really wanted to make sure that everyone knew that they “truly write to serve and excite the student body at Temple University.”  The CCs continues to explain that they “want to keep everyone up-to-date on the newest comfy college trends, the cheapest places to eat on campus & skincare products that you *need* to try during finals season.” Lastly, the CCs stated that they “sincerely hope that [their] content could brighten up [their] readers longest Mondays, busiest Wednesdays and most-hungover Saturday mornings.”

Finally, we asked the CCs to describe their chapter in 3 words, to which they responded: “Inclusive, Outgoing, Empowered: Inclusive; we want to have every single person’s voice heard through our content—we never want to represent one type of person. Outgoing; If you see a group of chatty girls hanging around Morgan Hall (our meeting location), that’s probably us! We love talking with anyone—especially when it’s about Her Campus—so the word “outgoing” is a big one for us. Empowered; “Empowerment” is the one thing we think of when it comes to Her Campus as a whole, so it was a no-brainer to include it on this list. Her Campus Temple is the exact image of passionate women to do everything to empower and support each other in their endeavors.”

Bonus Questions: 

TS: What Hogwarts house does your chapter most identify with? CCs: Gryffindor


TS: If your chapter could be described with one animal, what would that animal be and why? 

CCs: Tiger––Has a tiger even given an eff about what others thought of them? Nope. That’s why.


TS: Is your chapter team Edward or Team Jacob?  Or for daring, Team Kristen Stewart as a person?

CCs: Team Jacob


TS: Is your chapter more cat people or dog people?

CCs: Dog people alllll the way


TS: Does your chapter identify more with beaches or lakes?

CCs: Beaches, of course!


TS: What time of year (semester, trimester, quarter) has the best classes to add to your schedules?

CCs: Spring—way more specialty classes (+ the warming weather doesn’t hurt!)

*All photos provided by HC Temple*

Talia is the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at Emerson. Talia is also a Chapter Advisor, Region Leader, and HSA Advisor. She has previously worked as an intern for the national headquarters of Her Campus in the community management department. Talia is a Writing, Literature, and Publishing major at Emerson College in a 4+1 combined bachelor's and master's program in publishing. She is an aspiring writer and publisher. Talia is known for living life with her journal, a pen, and three lovely cats.
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