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Emerson has always been a chapter that liked to take risks, so emailing the chapter network to spotlight different Her Campus Chapters at other schools was no different. One of the schools that we have decided we wanted to introduce to you, is the chapter at Stephen F. Austin State University. The school is located in Nacogdoches, Texas, and they have a fairly small chapter.  When we asked what SFA is all about, the CCs told us that, “We focus on sharing our voices and opinions to our peers, and getting the news we care about out to the public. We care about feminism, mental health, the environment and local bands.” HCSFA is around 21 members, including 6 writers, 2 editors, 3 senior editors, 4 photographers, and 2 videographers.

Speaking of their members, SFA was kind enough to introduce us to their executive board!  Despite the smaller size of their team, HCSFA does have quite a few members. You can find their names and positions here: 

  • Co-Correspondents- Grayson Porter & Laura Restrepo
  • Secretary- Savvy Jackson
  • Senior Editors- Haley Garetts, Hannah Wheeler and Marisela Rios
  • Head Videographer- Daina Phillips
  • Head Photographer- LaShauna Bell
  • Social Media Director- Lindsey Baumgartner
  • Sorority Liaison- Randi Dodson
  • Events Director- Arkaydia Mills
  • Marketing & Publicity Director- Christy Murray

After being introduced to the executive board, we wanted to know what the team’s favorite articles were. For their favorite feature, the team chose “My Mind Over What Matters,” by Brittany Malone. For profiles, the team picked an article by Lexus Jacobs entitled “Dear Halsey.” I thought that both articles really displayed understanding and appreciation for writing, and exhibited the things that the chapter cares most about. If you want to read more of HCSFA’s content, you can always check out their Her Campus Page in order to stay up to date with their latest publishings. 

In terms of events, HCSFA hasn’t had any big events, but they currently have a lot of ideas in the works, and are hoping to execute at least one by the end of the semester. We know we will be keeping our eyes open to hear more about this, so you should too! They are also looking forward to having more social events and partnerships with other organizations, so if you are an organization on SFA’s campus, go ahead and reach out to this wonderful chapter for a chance to collaborate on something! They are really trying to get their name out there, so if you want to partner with them, now is your chance! While their efforts for campus wide events are beginning to develop, SFA has had a few team bonding events over the past few years. Out of all the memories their team has shared, one of their favorites was when the team painted pumpkins last fall! 

We also wanted to find out more about SFA in general. We asked SFA what one of the most unique things about their school was, to which they responded: “We are surrounded by such beautiful trees for photography and spending time outside.” Which, I’ve got to say, sitting here, living on a campus where my only window in my room looks right at a concrete wall and the rest of my campus is surrounded by city streets, sounds like a literal dream. In addition to their beautiful surroundings, the team also wants everyone to know that they are working hard, and only getting stronger. Also, if the team could describe themselves in three words, they would pick fun, energetic, and loud. Three words that I truly believe speak for themselves. 

If you are looking to get involved with this chapter, you can see them around campus tabling, on any of the posters they are hanging around, or through word of mouth. They are always looking for more people to come join their team and get involved, so don’t be shy!  Want to know more, feel free to jump on over to any of the chapter’s social channels linked here: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube.

Bonus Questions: 

TS: What Hogwarts house does your chapter most identify with? 

CCs: Hufflepuff


TS: If your chapter could be described with one animal, what would that animal be and why?

CCs: A liger- a combination of a lioness and a white tiger.


TS: Is your chapter team Edward or Team Jacob?  Or for daring, Team Kristen Stewart as a person? 

CCs: Team Kristen Stewart because we love her *mwah* Kristen.


TS: Is your chapter more cat people or dog people? 

CCs: Dog people


TS: Does your chapter identify more with beaches or lakes? 

CCs: Lakes


TS: What time of year (semester, trimester, quarter) has the best classes to add to your schedules? 

CCs: Fall


Talia is the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at Emerson. Talia is also a Chapter Advisor, Region Leader, and HSA Advisor. She has previously worked as an intern for the national headquarters of Her Campus in the community management department. Talia is a Writing, Literature, and Publishing major at Emerson College in a 4+1 combined bachelor's and master's program in publishing. She is an aspiring writer and publisher. Talia is known for living life with her journal, a pen, and three lovely cats.
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