Chapter Spotlight Series: Northeastern

Emerson has always been a chapter that liked to take risks, so emailing the chapter network to spotlight different Her Campus Chapters at other schools was no different. One of the schools that we have decided we wanted to introduce to you is the chapter at Northeastern. The chapter was founded in 2009, and typically have a team of about 30 people. They love to work with the community of Northeastern, and the surrounding Boston area, to develop content that is interesting and directed toward those communities.  They love collaborating with other chapters, especially those in Boston.  

Though they are on the smaller side of chapters, they have a pretty large executive board to help steer the club in the right direction: 

  • President- Nia Beckett, second-year journalism major

  • Editor-in-Chief- Nadine El-Bawab, fourth-year journalism and political science double major

  • Senior Editor- Xandie Kuenning, fifth-year international affairs major

  • Co-Editor- Sreya Katabathuni, first-year computer science and business administration combined major

  • Co-Editor- Saasha Mane, first-year business administration and psychology combined major

  • Co-Event Director- Marti Bennett, first-year undeclared

  • Co-Event Director- Amelia Tran, second-year business administration major

  • Social Media Director- Katya Awar, second-year media and screen studies major

  • Co-Twitter Manager- Ritika Iyer, first-year architecture major

  • Co-Twitter Manager- Meghan Patel, first-year politics, philosophy and economics major

  • Co-Facebook Manager-Amy Tan, second-year international affairs major

  • Co-Facebook Manager-Jessica Brite, first-year journalism major

As I mentioned, the chapter works hard to curate content that they believe will be interesting for their readership, so highlighting articles was clearly something we needed to see.  In terms of features, the chapter decided to highlight Amaya Williams’ review of the Boston Ballet’s “Giselle.” Additionally, the chapter wanted to highlight a profile about Elzie Doyle, a first-year student at Northeastern who makes jewelry and sells it on Etsy, written by Mackenzie Fuller. For more amazing content, be sure to check out their Her Campus Page!

Shifting away from their articles, the chapter also runs events! One of the events that they ran recently was a screening of The New York Times’ conversational series “Get With The Times.” In this partnership with HCHQ, the chapter’s event attendees were able to hear model Ashley Graham speak. While they love hosting large scale events like this, the chapter is using this time to focus a lot more on team building and smaller events, starting with an early November trip to Salem! 

One thing that they are really looking to do though this semester is plan more events for their team. With the structure of Northeastern’s co-op program, members are constantly coming in and out of the chapter. In the recent semester change, the chapter recently underwent a large turnover in members, so with most of their chapter being relatively new, they thought this would be a good opportunity to focus on team bonding so everyone can get to know each other and the city of Boston. Even with this unique challenge, the team is still optimistic about its ability to produce high quality, curated content for their readers, and even though they are small, they are working each semester to continue growing. They are always excited to bring on new members to the team, and help them feel right at home when writing no matter what their skill sets might be upon arriving at the chapter. 

When we asked what three words best described their chapter, the CCs of Northeastern stated that their chapter is “Diverse (come from all diff backgrounds and majors; we push our writers to have total freedom over what they write so it’s always varied); adventurous (our members aren’t afraid to try new things, whether it be partaking in an international film festival in Boston or traveling halfway around the world for an unpaid co-op); passionate (our writers are always ready to jump into any project we give them).”

If you are looking to get involved with HC Northeastern, you can always reach them via email ([email protected]) or DM them on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. If you’re still not satisfied with that, you can also always sit in on their next meeting, or sit down with either Nia or Nadine to learn more about the chapter. 

Bonus Questions: 

TS: What Hogwarts house does your chapter most identify with? 

CCs: Mixed, but mostly Hufflepuff


TS: Is your chapter more cat people or dog people?

CCs: Dog people


TS: Does your chapter identify more with beaches or lakes?

CCs: Beaches

*All photos provided by HC Northeastern*