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Campus Celebrity: Alyssa Galindo

She is a college girl by day and a reporter by night! Alyssa Galindo has interviewed some of the top names in Hollywood and the fashion industry, as well as attending Boston Fashion Week. I talked to Alyssa about fashion, working for WEBN, and her dream career.

Name: Alyssa Galindo

Major: Marketing Communication 

Year of Graduation: 2018 

Hometown: Southwest Ranches, Florida 

Three words to describe yourself: Passionate, motivated, and creative.

How did you get involved with WEBN? 

Alyssa Galindo: Coming to Emerson, I knew I wanted to take advantage of all the real-world experiences within my reach. During the Org Fair I was determined to find the place and opportunities where I could make this a reality. WEBN was that place.  I saw everything they did, from sending students to early movie screenings to sending a team to cover the Oscars and Boston Fashion Week. I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of. Also, allowing me to do these things on my own and giving me the freedom to personalize those real-world experiences. 

What was it like attending Boston Fashion Week this past fall? 

AG: Attending Boston Fashion Week was incredible. Meeting iconic people in the Boston fashion world and getting to speak with all of them on such an intimate level helped formed connections that will surely last for many Fashion Week’s to come. 

Being a fashion lover, who is your style icon? 

AG: My style icon… I can’t pick merely one. I would have to say, Olivia Palermo, Lauren Conrad, and, of course, a bit of Holly Golightly and Blair Waldorf. 

You recently had the opportunity to interview Nigel Barker and even Leighton Meester. What’s it like interviewing such important figures in the fashion and acting world?

AG: It’s surreal. I really have no other way to explain it. Often we think these people are in some whole other world separate from ours, and in a way they sort of are, but when those two worlds collide, it’s just magic. They’re real people with real stories. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from all these interviews that I’ve done, is that it’s so dumb of us to think that “making it” is this completely unattainable thing, whether that be in the fashion or acting world, what’s really unattainable is this person we think we have to become to get there. Being yourself is really the best thing you can be, I find that those kinds of people make for the best kinds of interviews. 

Who is the one person you would love to interview one day? 

AG: I would love to interview Michael Buble. He seems like such a humble, genuinely nice guy. I love interviewing people like that. You end up talking about so much more than just their career and what made them famous, but about life and what they value most in theirs. 

What is your dream career? 

AG: Where do I begin?! I love, love the fashion and entertainment world. I would love to be a creative director for a brand like Kate Spade or Tory Burch, or even be a marketing manager for a certain artist or project. The possibilities are truly endless, and that’s what I find so exciting about the question, what is your dream career? You can dream up the most elaborate crazy idea of what you think you want to do, and life has a really funny way of showing you something even more elaborate and crazy wonderful than you could have ever imagined yourself. 

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