Breaking Up is Hard to Do



Breaking up is hard. You put a ton of time and effort into a relationship and all of a sudden, for whatever reason, it’s over. So aside from eating chocolate and staring at pictures of Ryan Gosling, how are you supposed to get over your ex?

A lot of people take negative approaches in handling this matter. Some people isolate themselves in their rooms and blast depressing music and, some people eat their feelings. You name it, and it’s probably not good for you physically or mentally. During this fragile time, you need to be extra sensitive towards yourself.

Mentally, you are probably exhausted, especially if it was a tough break-up. Keep this in mind as you go through your day: breathe. Also, as hard as it sounds, stop thinking about it! If that’s the only thing you focus on, it’s an obsession, and who wants to obsess over the person they just lost their relationship with? No one. While we’re on this topic, I should mention that surrounding yourself with friends and happy things will definitely keep your mind in a better place, so do this! If every once in a while, you start to feel upset again, then don’t bury it. Let yourself experience that emotion and get through it because if it doesn’t come out it will stay inside of you forever. Also, remember that everything does get better with time. Keeping that in mind, though slightly cheesy, is a nice reminder that life goes on and happiness is in the future.

Physically, you are probably exhausted, too. Fighting via text messages or on the phone until all hours of the night isn’t exactly healthy; you still need your sleep. If you let your body have time to replenish its energy after a long day, you will feel better. Another suggestion I have is to exercise, and eat healthily! Exercising releases dopamine which is a chemical in your brain that actually makes you feel good and happy, plus you’ll begin to get into better shape, and instead of eating junk and making yourself feel and look worse, you will feel and look better than before!

Since we are quite a creative school, I decided ask our fellow students at Emerson what they think is the best way to get over a break-up. Here is what they said:

  • Jared R.- “Coming up with reasons why you’re too good for them or focusing on all the little flaws that you never paid mind to while you were with them”
  • Connor J.- “Ice cream and Gossip Girl! No but seriously, surround yourself with friends and do whatever you want.”
  • Bella W.- “Honestly, a one night stand with someone you’ll never see again”
  • Billy F.- “Watch Pokémon with a good friend of yours.”
  • Angelina M.- “Don’t talk to them or at least not much; your feelings will never or at least take forever to go away.”
  • Charlie G.- “There are several options, including but not limited to feebly attempting a rebound, listening to depressing music, or throwing darts at their face on your wall.”
  • Hayley G.- “Eat sweets, go shopping, and get rid of all of his stuff!”
  • Sam T.- “Stalk them until they press charges.”


All images via Google