Black Friday, as Told by GIFs

Ready yourselves, ladies! Black Friday is almost upon us. A day famed for its deals, Black Friday can be brutal. But every year we brave the early morning and vicious crowds to get some of the year’s best deals, and what better way to sum up shopping’s greatest day than in GIFs?

1. It’s Thanksgiving; you just stuffed yourself, but you’re too excited about all the deals to slip into a turkey coma

2. You wake up too early to function

3. One word: coffee

4. You arrive at the store/mall/outlet surrounded by other shoppers and anxiously wait for the doors to open

5. You rush the store as soon as it opens

6. You quickly snatch up all of your must-have deals

7. After, you show off your plunder…

8. Only to crash shortly after

9. You tell yourself never again, you’re too tired

10. Yet next year, you find yourself back out there sleep deprived and bargain hunting

Happy shopping, collegiettes, and may the odds be ever in your favor!