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Best YouTube Channels for At-Home Yoga

Yoga is one of the best physical activities to do when you need a bit of relaxation and “me” time. But sometimes we don’t always have the time to go out and take a class. Now you don’t have to! Below are the best YouTube channels for at-home yoga! Just grab a mat and you are ready to go.

Boho Beautiful 

For a tropical yoga getaway, Boho Beautiful will guide you through a session with sunsets and the sound of crashing waves. Whether you need a session for stress relief or meditation, she will help you find your inner beach goddess.

Yoga with Adriene 

For a class that targets weight loss and certain body areas, Yoga with Adriene is perfect for you! While she has videos for pure relaxation, she also incorporates core power yoga and toning, so you feel strong after your practice.

Alo Yoga 

Straight out of California, you can take Alo Yoga classes for free on their YouTube channel. They do 30 minute sessions of restorative and more, and you can choose the instructor. It’ll make you feel like you are in a celebrity yoga class, but in the comfort of your living room.

Taking a yoga class should be easy and accessible. With these YouTube channels, you can have your own class whenever you want.


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