The Best Ways to Pack Your Suitcase When You Travel

I typically like to think of myself as an expert suitcase packer. My mother would probably disagree. But I am quite good at getting my piles of clothes and stuff to fit into the typically tiny suitcase I use to travel. So here are some tips!

  1. 1. Please Don't Overpack

    Contrary to what you might think, you aren’t going to need the entirety of your underwear drawer on your weekend vacation. In fact, you’ll probably re-wear outfits on your trip just like you do at home because you are lazy there, and you will be lazy anywhere else you go as well. Pack what you need—especially pieces that you can use in different outfits and wear often—and ONLY what you need. (Ok, you can take a couple extra outfits, but if you overdo it, you WILL regret it.)

  2. 2. You Don't Need That Many Shoes

    You’re going on a spring vacation. Why are you bringing every pair of shoes you own? Three is your maximum. Comfortable shoes, cute shoes, and shoes in between. No more, no less. Your suitcase seams will thank you for not bringing those clunky boots you know you aren’t gonna wear even once on vacation.

  3. 3. Fold Your Clothes

    This would seem like an obvious one. But so many people just shove their piles of clothes in their bags without bothering to fold them nicely. Fold. Your. Clothes. They will fit into your bag much better if you do so. There’s also no best way to fold. Rolling your clothes can work; maybe look up some good methods, but whatever you do, don’t shove, and don’t pile.

  4. 4. Create A System

    Make sure that if you’re packing by outfit, stick to that system. If you’re packing by type of clothing, stick to that system. Don’t mix your systems. It makes for a bad time packing, and when you open your suitcase to pick out clothes, you’re left digging through a mountain to find something you didn’t need to bury in the first place.

  5. 5. Dirty Clothes Are Gross

    Bring something to stick your laundry in. No one likes dirty clothes mixed in with their clean clothes. So bring a bag, maybe plastic or paper, to stick the clothes you’ve already worn in. Speaking as someone who’s accidentally forgotten to bring an extra little bag and had to deal with a suitcase that smelled like dirty laundry afterward, please bring a bag to save yourself from the pain.