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Best Performances at the 2018 Grammy Awards

If you’re anything like me, you look forward to every award show. You make sure to have your popcorn ready as you sit at the edge of your bed, anxiously awaiting some killer performances. Let’s be real: the Grammy Awards is one of the biggest nights for music.

Here are my picks for the best three performances of the night:

1. Kesha gave a tear jerking performance alongside other female artists. They were all dressed in white, as they stood united and belted out Kesha’s powerful song “Praying.” Some of the singers included Cyndi Lauper, Camila Cabello, and Bebe Rexha, to name just a few. Their performance was about standing in solidarity with women in the “Me Too” movement.

2. Lady Gaga looked absolutely stunning as she gave an emotional performance of her song “Joanne,” one of my favorite songs.  Before she began singing, she explained that the song was dedicated to her father’s sister, who passed away from Lupus at a young age. Her piano was covered in white angel wings, painting a celestial picture.  She also sang “A Million Reasons,” which showcased her pipes. God, that woman can sing!

3. Now, who loves a little Cardi B and Bruno Mars? I sure know I do. Bruno hit the stage and showed off his dance moves while Cardi got up close and personal with the cameras. Their performance of “Finesse” was nothing but enjoyable. Cardi was rapping and dancing, doing what she does best: having a good time.

There you have it folks: my top three favorite performances of the 2018 Grammy Awards!


I am a sophomore Journalism student at Emerson College!
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