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Best Lady Gaga Songs To Add To Your Dance Party Playlist

With both the harsh winter and COVID keeping most people indoors, you might’ve found yourself becoming restless and bored. Fear not—Gaga’s got you covered. Find some glitter, a boombox, some high heels, your quarantine buddies, and get ready for a dance party playlist unlike any other. 

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1. Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)

Start off slow but strong. This song, with its disco undertones and vibey beats makes for the perfect beginning for what’s sure to be a great night. 

2. Look What I Found

Much like the last track, this song gives you a chance to ease into ‘dance move,’ starting you off with a comforting groove. Try belting out the lyrics, or maybe even pretend that for a second you’re the songwriting sensation Ally in A Star Is Born. 

3. Telephone 

For this one, I’d recommend playing the music video. It’s loud and campy and demands to be danced to. Also, joining Beyonce on her verse is a must. 

4. Just Another Day

This track is one of Lady Gaga’s most underrated, at least in my opinion. With its fun-loving nature and bouncy vocals, as well as an incredible trumpet solo by the incredible Brian Newman, this addition to the playlist will be sure to leave you giddy and smiling. 

5. Fashion! 

This is the part of the night where you put on the aforementioned glitter and high heels. Your living room is now a runway. I give you permission to strut. 

6. LoveGame 

While we might not be able to go out dancing at clubs or parties yet, this track, especially following “Fashion!” keeps the reminiscent disco vibes we opened the playlist with (similar to the sounds on “Eh, Eh”) going. Plus, there’s just something about early stages Gaga that makes her music absolutely infectious to listen to.  

7. 911

Time to get frantic and enter the dystopian world of Chromatica. Allow yourself to get really loose for these next two songs. Much like the rest of Lady Gaga’s most recent album, songs like these represent the peak of unapologetically dancey music. 

8. Stupid Love

Make sure to wave your arms around in a circular motion like the “kindness punks” featured on the music video. For a bonus party treat, the recently released Oreos in collaboration with Lady Gaga are a must. 

9. Judas

Welcome to the classics! Speaking musically, in terms of danceability, and even the quality of the music video, “Judas” has it all. With the steadiness of the chorus, this song allows the perfect opportunity to make up a simple yet evocative piece of choreography. Think of who the Judas was in your life and look to that for inspiration. 

10. Born This Way 

There’s really no other way to finish off a dance party than with what’s probably Lady Gaga’s most well-known masterpiece. This song’s been a beacon of love and acceptance for many many years, including recently providing the soundtrack to tween icon Jojo Siwa’s recent coming out. It holds meaning, and it holds joy. 


Times are tough, but it’s important to celebrate the little things in life. Don’t be afraid to let yourself jump around in joy. As the icon herself has said, “Rejoice and love yourself today, ‘cause baby, you were born this way!”


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