Best Halloween Movies for Mild to Terrifying Frights

Boo! It’s Halloween and the best way to get in the mood is to have a horror movie marathon! If you want to be scared out of your mind (it might help you de-stress from midterms), we’ve got some movies that are perfect for you. If you’re not so into guts and gore, we’ve got you covered, too. Enjoy getting spooked!


Mild Movies

Hocus Pocus

If your scare tolerance is anything slightly above smiling and laughing, you’re going to want to choose a mild movie. Hocus Pocus is a cult favorite and while it has some witches and zombies, the overall theme is about family, love and the Halloween spirit.

Casper Meets Wendy

If you want to relive your childhood, do yourself a favor this Halloween and watch Casper Meets Wendy, starring Hilary Duff. It’s a young Lizzie McGuire starring in a precious movie about a small ghost and his family. There is nothing scary about that, just cuteness.

The Haunted Mansion

Eddie Murphy is seriously hilarious in this film based on the Disney Parks ride, but it’s creepy enough to channel all things Halloween. Ghosts, ghosts and more ghosts reside in one massive manor, and you’re welcome to join...


Moderately Scary Films

Hush (available on Netflix)

You’re going to have to be okay with some gore for this one, but the overall story follows a basic horror plot. The plot, however, is intensified by the fact that the girl who is being preyed on is deaf. She can’t scream simply because she doesn’t know when to. It’s chilling and disturbing, but not to the point where you’ll have nightmares. It’s more of a psychological thriller.


Remember those masks every troublemaker wore to your Halloween class party? Relive those days by watching Scream this Halloween. This staple horror film also has its comedic parts, making it nothing to cry over. You’ll probably just let out a scream here and there.


Sure, you can watch Jaws any time of the year, but in its truest form, it’s a horror film. At Halloween, though, sometimes werewolves, ghosts and vampires can become too “mainstream.” If a killer shark doesn’t do it for you, though, I’m not sure what will!


Terrifying Flicks


There is something about those creepy, furry creatures that make you shiver. The sheer fact that you wouldn’t think they’re something to be afraid of makes them THAT much scarier when you see what they’re capable of. Trust me, you’ll be sleeping with one eye open after this film.

The House on Haunted Hill

If you want every Halloween element—skeletons, cobwebs, ghosts—but taken to the nth degree, look no further. This movie is an old black and white classic, which makes it that much more spooky. You’ll never see a house on any hill the same again.

Children of the Corn

Mean, angry children who live in a cult-like community within cornfields, just sounds like a recipe for disaster, right? Honestly, this movie should come with a “high level of disturbance” warning. If you want a psychological thriller that also happens to have a lot of gore, you’ve found your movie. Happy Halloween?

Whether you stick with mild thrills and relive your childhood Halloweens, or prefer to scream for hours and barely sleep at night, we hope you have a very Her Campus Halloween!