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The Best Funky Socks & Where to Find Them

It’s no secret that funky socks are becoming a trend, but all this means is that there are more options out there for sock lovers like myself. I can appreciate a nice, cozy pair of thick, fuzzy socks, but the best are  the graphic kind. From cat astronauts to the Mona Lisa, there are socks out there to suit everyone’s interests.The classic pair of pug socks are perfect for any dog lover out there (and if you don’t love dogs, what are you doing with your life?). You can take a break from stalking Doug the pug’s instagram to peep down at your feet and see these cute faces.  Wine night is every night if you wear socks that prove just that! Honestly, these need no explanation. Wine is my everything and I just can’t wait for the day that they make socks with rosé.

Taking it back to the days before wine, these Le Petit Prince, or The Little Prince, socks will remind you of your childhood. Or if you didn’t read the children’s book until high school, like me, it’ll at least remind you of a simpler time before exams and midterms took over your life.

 Edgar Allen Poe-ka Dots. Does it get any better than literature puns?  If you’re on the more cynical and anti-social side, these snarky socks are sure to encompass how you feel. As an owner of the first pair, featuring the girl and her horse, I really do “hate everyone, too” and wish I could stay in my room all day, avoiding said people. But, unfortunately, that’s not accepted by society so maybe I’ll just keep the cynicism to my socks.  For all the cat and/or space lovers out there, these catstronauts are so cute that even I would wear them despite my deep dislike of cats (they are evil, I don’t care what anyone says!). The cats look so happy just floating around (and not like they’re planning my murder), it’s hard not to smile while looking at them. Just try not to do that too often in public, as most people will just think you have a weird adoration of your feet.  For all the art lovers out there, tons of museum gift shops sell sock versions of big exhibits. If you can’t make it to a museum, there are tons of options online. Why not wear a masterpiece on your feet?  If you’re from the New Jersey/New York area, you’re probably constantly thinking about when the next time you’ll have a decent bagel will be. These socks serve as a reminder for all you peeps out there that are suffering too. Boston bagels just don’t do it for me, but these socks do.  And finally, these socks are long overdue on this list: the library card socks. I’m not sure why anyone would seek these out unless they’re a librarian or getting a gift for one, but I’m a fan.

Where to get them:

Pug Socks

Wine Scene Novelty Socks

Le Petit Prince Socks

Edgar Allan Poe-ka Dot Socks

Blue Q Women’s Crew Socks (Hate Everyone)


Famous Collection Painting Crew Socks

Bagel Schmear Socks

Library Card Socks

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