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Best (and Worst) Dressed at the 2015 Oscars

We had our fashion ballots ready for the Oscars red carpet. Some stars were dressed in Hollywood glamour while others were dressed in who knows what! Here are the best (and worst) dressed at the Oscars.


1. Rosamund Pike in Givenchy

This “gone girl” has found her new status as a fashion icon. Rosamund Pike is head-to-toe perfection. From the red minimalist heels to the elaborate, perfectly tailored dress, this look is absolutely stunning.


2. Reese Witherspoon in Tom Ford

Simple understated elegance. Reese Witherspoon has mastered the art of dressing for the red carpet. She is glowing in this gorgeous gown. 


3. Jennifer Lopez in Elie Saab Haute Couture

J. Lo looked like a princess at the Oscars. Would we really expect anything less? She knows how to make a fashion statement. 


4. Kelly Osbourne in Rita Vinieris 

Kelly’s black dress looks amazing on her. The neckline, lace and high-low hem make the gown a standout. Everything is working and her purple hair pops!


5. Zendaya in Vivienne Westwood

Zendaya brought serious style to the red carpet. Her dreadlocks are lovely with this gorgeous, Grecian-esque dress. 



1. Nicole Kidman in Louis Vuitton

No, no, no, Nicole. You usually look so fabulous…what happened?! The red belt makes it look like she just got back from karate, and the bag and shoes have nothing to do with anything. If the dress had no belt and simpler accessories, this outfit would have been a stunner. This look needs to make a Louis Vuitton “Speedy” dash to the nearest exit!


2. Naomi Watts in Armani

Not loving Naomi’s look. Her gown has a brick type pattern this is reminiscent of a dirty chimney. The cutouts and black bandeau are a bit awkward as well. Sorry, Naomi, but you can do better! “Chim chimney, chim chimney, chim chim, cher-ee! A sweep is as lucky as lucky can be!” 


3. Marion Cotillard in Christian Dior

The “mullet dress:” business in the front, crazy in the back. This dress is way too casual for the Oscars and the back makes no sense. What were she and her stylist thinking? 


4. Cate Blanchett in Maison Margiela Couture

Looks like she stole Sofia Vergara’s look from last year’s Golden Globes! Sofia wore an almost identical necklace with a beautiful, black Zac Posen princess dress. Cate’s stylist had to know what they were doing here. Sorry, Ms. Blanchett, but Sofia wore it better. 


5. John Travolta in a chain

John was creepy at the Oscars and he looked creepy at the Oscars. Not sure what is going on with the chain around his collar. Is he trying to start a trend? Does he wish he had two chains? Whatever the case, it’s a total fashion faux pas.

Bitsy Skerry is a freshman at Emerson College majoring in Marketing Communication. She loves all things fashion and has a personal style blog, Bits of Style (www.bits-of-style.blogspot.com). Her style icon is Audrey Hepburn and her favorite movie is The Devil Wears Prada. Bitsy plans to work in the fashion industry.
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