Being a Foodie on a College Budget

Some would say being a broke college student and one who is absolutely obsessed with food is a big struggle, and it is. Student’s are working, putting away money to pay off loans, and trying to set aside some cash for fun outings with friends so they don’t completely go insane. Those who use to spend a decent amount of money on food before coming to college now believe that they can’t find any cheap places to go to and have to resort to their school’s dining hall, that of course isn’t that great most of the time. So, I’m here to tell you that there are plenty of great foodie places around the Boston area that cater to many college students struggling to find great places to eat that won’t put a huge dent into their wallets.

1.) Tatte Bakery

Tatte’s menu ranges from both reasonable to more pricier platings depending on what you order. If you’re craving something simple like their baked goods; croissants, brownies, muffins, they will be around the same price you would get from a Starbucks or any other cafe. If you decide to get something more substantial, like their well known Shakshuka dish that’s perfect for brunch, that will come out to be $12.50.

Tatte has eight locations in the Boston area which is great for most college campuses in and surrounding the city. So, if you decide you want to wander your way to a cute, tasty cafe before of after your morning class, Tatte would be a great option to keep in mind.

2.) Zinneken’s

Now, who doesn’t love a good Belgian waffle? Looking across Yelp for a good breakfast spot to checkout, Zinneken’s popped up. Their plain waffle starts at $4.50, and depending on the toppings you might want, the price will go up $1 per topping.

Zinneken’s main location is in Cambridge near Harvard Square and they also have a truck that might stop near your college campus. By following their social media, they will update everyone on their next location they’ll be for that day.

3.) Upper Crust Pizzeria

If you’re looking for a good New York style, thin crust pizza this is the place where you can satisfy your craving. If there’s a night, and I’m sure there always is, where you and your friends crave to have a night in, watch a movie and order a pizza, this a place that is a notch up from your regular Dominos delivery.

Upper Crust has seven locations in the Boston area that have open seating, takeout or delivery. Depending how simple or how much you want on your pizza, the prices will vary like any other pizza house, but if you split the cost with friends the better the cost will be on you individually.

4.) Sam Lagrassa’s

Located near the Downtown Crossing area, Lagrassa’s holds a title of having the “World’s No.1 Sandwich.” By looking at the menu, they really do have a great options and they have prices going around $12 to $14 depending what you get, but these are loaded with a lot of meat and will leave you with leftovers for another meal.

5.) J.P. Licks

Couldn’t leave out dessert! J.P. Licks is well known for their fun flavors and fresh ice cream. Whenever a sweet tooth craving kicks in, J.P. Licks immediately comes to mind and I love recommending this place to people. It’s definitely a nice reward to have after a long day of classes, work, clubs, and all things that deal with life.

J.P. Licks have a whopping 13 locations around Boston. Perfect for those of you in need for ice cream, chances are, there is a location near your campus. Depending on what ice cream you get, how much you want and toppings you get, prices will range under $10.