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8 Ways To Put Self Care First This Semester

1.) Manage Your Time 

Time is money, as they say. This semester, be careful with your valuable time, and work on allocating it in the most useful way. Be careful not to fall victim to procrastination, and getting involved doesn’t have to mean overloading yourself with organizations. College is a good opportunity to begin to discover and understand your limits; don’t be afraid to say no in order to keep yourself comfortable. 

2.) Eat What Makes You Feel Good

The best way to keep yourself feeling good throughout first semester is by treating your body right. Besides the obvious advice-stay hydrated, eat three balanced meals a day-try to view food as fuel. Eat what makes you feel good, and don’t stress too much about dieting. Let yourself indulge when appropriate, and enjoy your life.

3.) Take Time To Decompress

An important part of managing your time is taking time for yourself during the busy college week. Between hanging out with friends, class, clubs & orgs, and work, we sometimes forget to take time to relax and decompress on our own. Try to establish self care rituals and incorporate these behaviors into your week- read books, do facemasks, meditate, exercise, whatever you do to relax. By adding just one more hour of relaxation and self care into your busy day, you will significantly improve your well being.

4.) Study, Study, Study!

It is important, obviously, to study in college, but it is also important to make this time into something you can enjoy. Learning should be more enjoyment than suffering, and if you find yourself completely overwhelmed with work or hating what you are doing, try and change the situation. Work on managing your time or meet with an academic advisor to figure out what interests you. Study in a place that makes you comfortable, whether it be with friends in the library or in your dorm, and try and remember that you are in college to better your mind. 

5.) Reach Out & Get Involved

It can be very beneficial to get involved and meet new people during the first semester, no matter where you are in your college journey. Getting involved, or just saying hi, can lead to many new relationships, and if you don’t think you have met your “people” yet, don’t worry-you will. Don’t be afraid to reach out.

6.) Admit When You Need Help

Self care is taking care of both your body and your mind. If starting school is overwhelming you, or you just need someone to talk to, don’t be afraid to call a loved one or your school’s mental health resources. It is important, especially in college, to take care of yourself.

7.) Dress To Impress Yourself

Waking up and putting on an outfit that you love, whether it be comfortable or high fashion, will improve any day significantly. When you wear something that makes you feel confident, you will be happier and achieve more throughout the day.

8.) Do What Makes You Happy & Have Fun

Whatever you do for fun at college, or whatever you enjoy doing at home- do it, and do lots of it! Whether it be going out, staying in, or hanging out with friends, try to enjoy as much of college as you possibly can. Find the people or activities that make you happiest, and don’t settle for less. Invest in positive relationships, don’t rush connections and remember that with friends and love interests if it works, it works-and if it doesn’t, let it go.


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