8 Gifts for Hanukkah

On Sunday, December 6th, one of the most underrated holidays began. Hanukkah is the fun Jewish holiday where you light candles every night for eight nights and get a gift for every one! In case you were wondering what to get your favorite Jew for Hanukkah, we’ve put together a fun list of ideas.

1. A dreidel and gelt

Okay, so it’s a little cliché, and something that you’re technically already supposed to have at Hanukkah. But, most people don’t own either a dreidel or gelt (which, by the way, are chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil), which can be used for a super fun game! Make sure to look up the rules after buying the gifts, so that you can join in on the fun!

2. A cool, themed menorah

So, you might want to give this gift on the first night, or as early as possible, so that your friend can use it for the rest of the holiday. All menorahs are pretty cool looking, but if you do some digging you can find some really unique, themed ones. And, you know it’s a gift that they’re going to keep on using!

3. Themed shot glasses

What college kid couldn’t use a few more shot glasses in their lives? Get a fun, Jewish themed shot glass (or a few) for your Hanukkah-celebrating friend.

4.  A Hanukkah sweater

The same way there are Christmas sweaters, there are Hanukkah sweaters too! Although, they aren’t as popular in the way Christmas sweaters are. But they’re still really fun. Find a cool Hanukkah themed sweater to give to your friend this holiday.

5. Any item related to latkes

If you haven’t had a latke, you’re missing out. Latkes are potato pancakes that are made specifically for Hanukkah, and they rank up there with any Christmas staple, such as eggnog. If your friend celebrates Hanukkah, they’ll definitely appreciate anything latke themed.

6. Something that has the words “oy vey” on it

A popular phrase among older Jewish people, “Oy vey” basically translates to, “Aw man”. It’s a pretty hilarious phrase, and usually can make you feel better just by saying it. Anything with the words “oy vey” on it will definitely be helpful to express your feelings as you head into finals.

7. Jewelry related to the hamsa/hamesh

In the Jewish culture, the hamsa or hamesh hand is considered magical protection from the evil eye. Today, many people have popularized the little symbol into beautiful jewelry that can double as protection, if you believe in that!

8. A Hanukkah ornament

For many families, they celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas. Or maybe one parent is Jewish and one is Christian, so there’s a blending of the holidays. What better way to bring the spirit to both than by getting a Hanukkah themed ornament? They’d make the perfect addition to any tree.

If this article doesn’t make you want in on celebrating Hanukkah, we don’t know what will. Regardless, if you know a friend who only celebrates Hanukkah, any of these gifts are sure to be appreciated, on any of the eight days.