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7 Unexpected But Great Gifts For The Holiday Season

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emerson chapter.

Picking out the perfect gift for friends and family can be kind of complicated. It’s not always easy to predict what people will like, and the last thing you want to do is give them something they already have. To make your life a little easier, I put together a list of gifts that are not only useful but applicable to the many different people in your life deserving of some love.

1.) Essential Oil Car Diffuser 

Is your mom totally obsessed with the essential oil diffuser you gave her last Christmas? Well, same. She’s bound to love this portable version that will add a little spa to her morning commute. $12

2.) Self-Watering Herb Garden   

These vintage planters are perfect for the chef in your life, or anyone who has trouble using fresh herbs before they go bad. They use a passive hydroponic system that lifts the water and nutrients to the soil, so all they have to do is fill up the water basin when it gets low. $20 

3.) Cold Therapy Socks 

Cold therapy socks are perfect for anyone whose on their feet all or who gets overheated when they sleep. All they have to do is stick them in the freezer and slip them on to relieve aching, hot feet. $24.99

4.) Insulated Travel Thermos

We’re all trying to cut done on single-use plastics (or at least I hope we are). Help a friend achieve that goal buy gifting them this Swell thermos to go along with their stylish water bottle. The vacuum-sealed walls will keep their desk lunch nice and toasty. $24.99 

5.) Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Consider giving a friend the gift of not having to spend five dollars at Starbucks every morning. This cold brew carafe from Crate and Barrel will brew and store homemade cold brew for up to two weeks. $31.20 (Black Friday price)

6.) 3hr Emergency Keychain Phone Charger  

It’s super annoying, and sometimes even risky, when your phone dies without warning. Even though many people carry around chargers with them, there’s not always a place to plug your phone in. Nothing says I care about your safety more than a portable that charger has a three hour battery life. And it conveniently fits on a keychain! $39.99

7.) Wireless Mobile Polaroid Photo Printer

Taking pictures on your iPhone is definitely convenient, but did you know that printing them out and hanging them up can be just as easy? Give the gift of your literal face this season with this mobile polaroid-esque wireless printer. Now you can almost guarantee your long distance best friend won’t forget about you. $88.99  




Essential Oil Car Diffuser

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