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7 TikTok Musicians You Should Keep An Eye Out For

As TikTok takes the world by storm, its influence in the music industry is no exception. Here is a list of artists that are getting their big break from viral videos and supportive fan bases on the app.


Clinton Kane

Clinton Kane first graced everyone’s for you pages with his story behind the song “Fix It to Break It,” but the Spotify artist has a couple other songs that are absolutely worth a listen. His songs “i don’t want to watch the world end with someone else” and “Drown” have over 90 million streams together on Spotify. The style most closely resembles Lewis Capaldi and Alexander 23, so if you like sad pop ballads, this one’s for you.


Brooke Lynn

Brooke Lynn only has one song on Spotify, but her song “Depends on the Friend” went viral a few weeks ago and is now in production. She is best described as a pop country artist that will most definitely rise to the top of the charts if given the chance. 



This band got most of their streams from an improvised song by lead singer Bennett Woolsey. His song about a brave little chameleon, “Jimmy the Chameleon”, got so many views on TikTok that the band recorded and released it within a few weeks of the initial post. Their sound is still developing, but could be best described as acoustic indie. Their Spotify is low on monthly listeners, but they have the perfect chill vibe for your indie playlist.


Taylor Bickett

Taylor Bickett has not released anything on Spotify or Apple Music, but she does post her original music on Soundcloud. Her viral video of her song “Break My Own” was the first to grace my, and many others, for you pages on TikTok. Her incredible vocal control allows her to riff beautifully in her songs that are primarily pop. If you need some strong, female fronted songs, Taylor Bickett is the artist to look for.


Tai Verdes

“Stuck in the Middle” is the song that, if you are on TikTok at all, you have heard. It is the backing track of so many videos that have gone viral, but many people have not taken a deep look into the artist. He only has one other song on Spotify right now called “Drugs”, but he will definitely be gracing the public with more pop bops soon.



Mothica has a very unique sound. She first went viral for her song “VICES” which discusses mental health and addiction. Most of her music stays on similar topics and her sound is best described as gloom/dance pop. Since her popularity on TikTok, she has released a full album and gained almost one million monthly listeners on Spotify.


Lizzy McAlpine

She dropped an album after gaining followers for a song she’ll never release called “You Ruined The 1975.” Lizzy now has an album, an EP, and a few singles on her Spotify which has amassed over one million monthly listeners. Her style is closely related to bedroom pop or indie. Her love songs are captivating, and you should expect to see her name everywhere. It’s best to get ahead of everyone and give her a listen.


Anna Donohue

Emerson '24

Anna is a current freshman VMA major at Emerson College.
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