7 Instagrams That Will Spark Your Wanderlust

With the semester almost over, we often find ourselves daydreaming about the endless adventures we will have this summer. While some of us will be going on epic vacations abroad, others will spend a relaxing summer at home. Regardless of our travel plans, the end of the semester and approach of summer always brings out this strong wanderlust within us.

While you may be stuck in your dorm room prepping for finals, there are those lucky enough to be traveling the world right now. Sure, we're insanely jealous but we're also thankful these travelers are willing to post their adventures on Instagram. During a study break take a look at these seven amazing Instagram accounts. Tap the "follow" button and feel the wanderlust within you grow and grow!

1. @tuulavintage

Jessica Stein's glamorous life makes us green with envy. The travel and fashion blogger usually posts pictures of her outfit of the day, delicious brunches and views from her hotel rooms. While you're poking at your DH breakfast, scroll through @tuulavintage for your wanderlust fix. 

2. @aladyinlondon

Originally from California, @ladyinlondon is now a London-based travel writer. Her Instagram is overflowing with pictures from the 95 countries she's visited so far. We're royally jealous of her recent trip to Marrakesh, Morocco.

3. @lax2nrt

Jen Bianco is a photographer and travel blogger from southern California. Her work has been featured everywhere from The Huffington Post to the New York Times. Her Instagram name, @lax2nrt, represents her love for Los Angeles and Tokyo. (NRT is the airport code for Narita International Airport in Tokyo!)

4. @ourwildabandon

Jillian Mann and Kyla Trethewey run the @ourwildabandon Instagram. The two Canadian friends started their blog, Our Wild Abandon, after they quit their jobs in order to embark on an epic roadtrip across the United States. Now they've expanded their travels to countries such as Italy and Dominica.    

5. @muradosmann

With nearly one million followers, Murad Osmann has reached the pinnacle of Instagram-fame. Osmann and his girlfriend, Nataly Zakharova, travel around the world together, snapping pictures of the beautiful places they find themselves in. Zakharova is always holding Osmann's hand in their photos. They've dubbed their method of picture taking as the "Follow Me To" movement.

6. @linadelika

Lina is a 23 year-old food-photographer and food-stylist from Russia. Her photos have appeared in restaurants and magazines in St. Petersburg and Moscow. All of her captions are in Russian but honestly, her beautiful images don't require an explanation!

7. @seattletravels

Seattle Dredge is a travel blogger with a love for adventure. Seattle, who is currently living in Toronto, often travels solo. Most recently she was in Costa Rica and the wine country of Oregon. However, some of her most breathtaking pictures came when she traveled to Thailand with Contiki last year. 


These accounts have us desperately wondering if it's summer yet. Unfortunately we have a few more weeks to go! In the meantime, let us know what's on your travel bucket list. Tell us in the comments below or tweet us at @hcemerson