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7 Halloween Costumes You Can Make from Your Closet

Halloween can really creep up (get it?) on busy collegiettes! But if you totally spaced on your costume this year, have no fear! There are plenty of last-minute looks you can pull together with just your closet and a little bit of makeup. Here are seven simple costumes you can make from what’s already in your closet!

1. Where’s Waldo

Jeans, a t-shirt, and a pair of glasses – does it get any simpler? Pair a red and white shirt with jeans and sneakers and add some exaggeratedly round black glasses for a “Where’s Waldo” look!

2. Katniss Everdeen
Despite being from a post apocalyptic world, we have a lot in common with Katniss Everdeen – including her Hunger Games style. There’s a huge variety of style choices you can make to be Katniss, but if you’re hunting in your closet, go for her simple 74th Hunger Games look. Throw on some khaki or green pants, combat boots, and a dark jacket. Fasten your hair in the famous Katniss braid (and add a makeshift bow and arrow if you can) and you’ll be good to go!
3. Rosie the Riveter
This is one you’ll probably see around Emerson this year for a couple of reasons – one being the ease! All you need to capture Rosie’s look is a denim shirt and red bandana. The rest is done with the magic of hair and makeup!
4. Angel
Do you own a white dress and some flats? Then you have the qualifications for an angel costume! Pick up some gold pipecleaners at your local craft store to mold into a halo. Then throw on a light-colored dress, some cute shoes, and rosy makeup!
5. Black Cat
Not the most original costume, but always an easy one to pull off last-minute! Pull on some leggings, a black t-shirt, and boots. Use makeup to draw whiskers, a headband and paper to create the ears, and a scarf or piece of fabric as a tail.
6. Morton Salt Girl
As long as you’ve got a yellow dress and an umbrella, you’ve got a costume! The Morton Salt Girl is a creative costume that’s easy to pull off at the last minute. Dig out that mustard dress and black umbrella. Bonus points if you carry a box of salt like she does!
7. Hippie
You’ll be thanking yourself for not throwing out your old bell bottom jeans! To pull off the hippie look, pair some flared pants with a loose top and a headband. To go the extra mile, add a peace sign necklace and some round sunglasses!
While waiting until the last minute will never guarantee you a good costume, it won’t always leave you completely hopeless. If you’re looking to throw together a last-minute Halloween costume, check your closet first!
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