The 7 Funniest Accounts on Instagram

Do you ever get tired of the endless selfies while scrolling through your Instagram feed? Do you wish that just once someone would post something that would actually make you laugh? Follow one or more of these hilarious Instagram accounts that will brighten up your day and make you laugh uncontrollably in public!

1. @Girlwithnojob

Probably the most relatable account on Instagram.

2. @Daquan

So funny even Justin Bieber follows.

3. @Betches

For all your significant other advice and dog memes.

4. @Girlsthinkimfunny

Self-proclaimed “Awkward social media entertainer.”

5. @Hilarrious

Sometimes bad luck makes for the more "hilarrious" post.

6. @Videostash

THE funniest videos on Instagram.

7. @Fun_BestVids

The close second funniest videos on Instagram!