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5 Ways to Avoid Procrastination

We all have those essays that we just do NOT want to write, but in the end, they all have to get done. Here are 5 tips that will help you get your paper done on time, and maybe even early.

1. Treat Yo’ Self

Set up mini goals for yourself and each time you reach one, take a page out of Tom Haverford’s book and treat yo’ self! Every time you finish a paragraph, give yourself a piece of candy (or whatever form of reward you want). This will help you get your work done faster, plus you’ll get little treats along the way.

2. Go For A Walk

Have you been staring at that blank computer screen for a while? Do you have no motivation to get any work done because you’re thinking about that next episode of your favorite Netflix binge? While it seems like you will be procrastinating by doing this, taking a walk will help your creative juices flow. Knowing what you want to write will help you complete your paper (or any assignment, really) more quickly. Don’t forget, the episode will still be there in an hour when your paper is done.

3. Complete Work in Pieces

Don’t do the entire paper at once. It will lead to distractions and ultimately take longer. If you are writing an essay, do one paragraph at a time and take 5-10 minute breaks in between–just long enough to run to the bathroom, get food and collect your thoughts, but not long enough to watch anything on Netflix.

4. Remove All Distractions

This could be challenging, but removing all, or at least most, of the distractions in the space you are trying to write will improve your focus on the task at hand.  When there are fewer things to distract you, you will be able to put your focus on your assignment and you will work to complete it faster.

5. Shut down social media

Yes, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Snapchat and Tinder might be fun, but they will still be fun after your assignment is completed. These apps are a major distraction, and if you refrain from looking at them while trying to complete an assignment, you will be able to complete the assignment faster. Then you’ll have more time to actual scroll through your newsfeeds! Oh, and you won’t be stressed out about that assignment anymore either.

Hopefully these tips lead to a lot less of this…

…and a lot more of this:


Talia is the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at Emerson. Talia is also a Chapter Advisor, Region Leader, and HSA Advisor. She has previously worked as an intern for the national headquarters of Her Campus in the community management department. Talia is a Writing, Literature, and Publishing major at Emerson College in a 4+1 combined bachelor's and master's program in publishing. She is an aspiring writer and publisher. Talia is known for living life with her journal, a pen, and three lovely cats.
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