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5 Things To Do On A Snow-Filled Spring Break

The stereotypical spring break for college kids includes beaches, booze, warm weather, and a good time. Yet, for New Englanders, this spring break will most likely include a snow-covered tundra, as the snow doesn’t seem to be stopping or melting. The not-so-spring weather doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun spring break, though! Check out these spring break activities that promise a good time, even without the beach.

1. Catch up on TV

You know that TV show that everyone’s always raving about but you never have time to watch? Well watch it! Use your spring break as time to catch up on all the hottest new shows, along with some of your favorites that you’ve been too busy to watch. Not only will you be up-to-date on all the TV drama, but a couple days of vegging out on the couch will be a great way of de-stressing and relaxing, too.

2. Have a Spa Day

Speaking of relaxing, treat yourself. Have a spa day, either by yourself or with friends. Go to the local drugstore and buy facials, or make your own DIY one out of household items. Give yourself a mani and a pedi, and just spend the day relaxing and treating yourself. Not DIY savvy? Find a local spa and get pampered all day with massages, facials and more!

3. Have a Girls’ Night

While you might wish you were in sunny Cancun, going home for spring break presents the opportunity of catching up with your hometown friends. Plan a girls’ night in order to catch up and reconnect. Watch a movie, eat junk food, gossip, and even plan a sleepover: the whole nine yards. It’ll be a fun-filled night that will have you glad you are home, even if the weather is less than pleasant!

4. Start a Fitness Routine

Just because there’s still snow on the ground doesn’t mean you can’t start working on your beach bod now. Being on spring break is the perfect time to start a new health routine: you have full control over what you eat and have plenty of time to workout.

5. Get Ready for Warmer Weather

While you might not be able to wear a dress anywhere except inside your room, that doesn’t mean you can’t buy one. Start shopping for some new spring apparel; while you might not be able to wear any of it yet, finding the perfect floral print skirt will still put you in a good mood!

While this spring break may be more break than spring for us New Englanders, there’s still plenty of ways to have a fun and memorable spring break that doesn’t include a beach and warm weather!

Lindsey Paradis has loved Boston all her life, and coming from a small Western Mass town she’s had time to enjoy it. Now at Emerson as a Writing, Literature, and Publishing major, she has more than enough time to take in the beautiful city. When she’s not working with preschoolers, Lindsey finds herself writing stories, hanging out with friends, reading her way through Game of Thrones, and watching Sex & the City.
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