5 Things Adults Have to Do You've Never Thought About Until Now

Everyone knows that growing up means taking on new responsibilities, but there’s a lot to remember! Here are five things you have to do as an adult you never thought about until now.

1. Pay all of your bills

Sure, everyone knows bills are a part of adulthood, but who knew there were so many different kinds? Bills like your emergency credit card that you totally used for take-out last week, or transportation costs, are easier to forget about than something like an electric bill. Make sure you are keeping a close eye on anything with a recurring due date.

2. Plan to spend time with friends and family

Of course there have always been events you’ve planned ahead for, but to some extent your friends and family were only a text away. As an adult with more responsibilities, your free time has to truly be penciled in.

3. Make appointments (without being reminded)

Even if you have a grasp on the fact that you have to go to the doctor once a year, you also have to remember to schedule other things like dental cleanings, haircuts, eye exams and gynecology appointments. Time to whip out the planner.

4. Have a savings account (and maybe even a 401K)

It can be hard to think about saving money when you’ve barely started earning it. However, it’s important to always have a at least a small cushion saved up. It might be a good time to open up a savings account and learn about 401Ks.  

5. Shop with a purpose

Shopping in the past has always been just for fun, but now that you’re all grown-up you have to shop for necessity. A warm coat might be a better investment than an overpriced cocktail dress, even if it’s way less fun.

This is only a short list of the many unspoken things adults do, and there is plenty to learn when you first step out into the world after college. All you can do is take a deep breath and be ready to make a few mistakes.