5 things to add to your college bucket list

With stressful classes, relationship struggles, and the impending threat of having to make it in the workforce after graduation, it’s hard to see how college is supposed to be the best four years of your life. Make the most out of your college experience by adding these five things to your bucket list. Bonus points if you drag a bestie along to help you check them off!

  1. 1. Learn an instrument

    Whether it’s the air guitar or the ukulele, learning an instrument is a new thing you can add to your list of talents, and it magically increases intelligence.

  2. 2. Attend a social dance

    If you want to be twirled and treated like royalty, social dances are the place for you. Whether you learn to tango or waltz, they’re are a great way to get out, exercise, and make new friends. ​

  3. 3. Meet someone famous

    There’s nothing like the rush of meeting a celebrity or an idol. In college, there are so many more opportunities to meet famous people while networking so you might as well take advantage of them.

  4. 4. Learn a new language

    Being able to communicate in a different language not only allows you to understand memes from other cultures, but also lets you make friends with people from countries that speak foreign languages.

  5. 5. Go thrift shopping

    Sometimes, your next favourite fashion piece is just waiting for you to find it at the nearest thrift shop. Thrift shops are every shopaholic’s best friend, especially for broke college students.