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The 5 Stages of Finishing a TV Show

It’s a sad time when you finish a TV show that you’ve been bingeing for weeks. That show was briefly a part of your life, and now the storylines and characters are gone forever. For me right now, this is Gossip Girl. It was on Netflix, and though I watched it when it was on TV, I decided to run through it again one day when I bored. But now that it’s over… what is my life without Nate Archibald? No more schemes, adorable clothes, love triangles or crazy plot twists from my favorite characters. I’ve mapped out the harsh steps of getting over this show, for all of you still struggling with this hardship (using Gossip Girl GIFs of course, I need it in my life).


1. Denial

No. NO. It did not end that way. Those two should never have gotten married/broken up/died/whatever. The writers would not toy with my heart like this. There has to be another episode, or a reunion movie? Soon? Maybe?


2. Anger

How dare the writers do this to me? How dare the actors agree to end the show? That episode was horrible and unrealistic. I obviously know these characters better than anyone, including the writers.

3. Bargaining

Maybe I should just watch it all again. There were a few episodes that I didn’t really even pay attention to, so watching it again will be good. I’ll also go watch every single youtube video in existence showing interviews with the cast; that is an excellent use of my time.


4. Depression

WHAT AM I GOING TO WATCH NOW. MY LIFE IS A LIE. Every other show I think to watch now will never even be comparable in quality.

5. Acceptance

After a few days (and your friends constantly rolling their eyes to any all references you make to the show, along with your many cries of “what will i watch now??”) you realize that though the show has a special place in your heart, but it’s okay to move on. There are so many other shows out there just WAITING to be watched/cryed about/laughed at.





Disclaimer: I didn’t make any of these GIFs, they were all found randomly on tumblr. If you would like credit, just email us.

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