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5 Spring-Summer Accessories You Need to Buy

Fashion might be the furthest thing from everyone’s minds right now; everything is shut down, and there’s really nowhere else to go but the kitchen for your fifth quarantine snack of the hour. Still, here is a roundup of the hottest accessories for spring-summer for when this all blows over or perhaps for when you’re in the mood for extra bougie trips to the grocery store? 

Ruched clutch

Bottega Veneta stole our hearts when it debuted its ever-popular dumpling bag, and it’s become a staple in so many fashion bloggers’ Instagram pics. Of course, you don’t have to drop a whole $2,000 for a Bottega original, you can get the exact look with some sweet dupes. Here is a white one from My Accessories London and a tan one from Steve Madden.

Silk scarf

Silk scarves are general wardrobe staples, but they definitely take center stage during the warmer months. Styling silk scarves as headbands and tops is super trendy right now, and it adds a bit of vintage elegance to the look. Scarves make you look extremely luxe, and, most importantly, cater to every budget. This two-piece set from Amazon is only $14!

Chunky gold hoops

Thick gold hoops make the outfit look classy and put-together, and they go great with almost everything. The best part? You don’t have to break the bank to achieve the look. Try this pair from Anthropologie, or these from H&M. 

Gold chain necklace 

While we’re on jewelry, gold chain necklaces like this one from Mejuri are perfect for layering and will look stunning on square-neck blouses and tank tops. Paired with a gold pendant necklace and chunky gold hoops? Honestly all the jewelry you’ll need this season. 

Faux croc baguette bag 

Fashion currently lives for the Y2K aesthetic, so rocking a baguette bag keeps you beautifully on-trend. Chic and practical, baguette bags make the perfect everyday bag for all your casual outfits. 

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