5 Signs Your Friend Has a New "Thing"

We’ve all been in this situation: you have a friend who is talking to a new person. They’re acting a little different, and you’re trying to figure out if this person is going to be lasting long enough for you to get invested in them. There are a few tell tale signs that this person might turn into your friends new “thing” and may even graduate to “boo thang.” Here are the top five of those signs.

1.) They haven’t stopped smiling since they met this person

2.) Most of your conversations with them turn into them talking about this person

3.) Their attitudes on feelings have changed slightly

4.) They are weirdly happier than you’ve seen them in a long time

5.) You are no longer your friend’s top text or flame on Snapchat

If your friend is exhibiting some of these signs, it may be time to actually get to know their new “thing.” They might be sticking around for a while.