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5 Reasons Why You Need to See the New ‘Beauty and the Beast’

If you thought this tale was as old as time, you’d be wrong. Disney took one of its most beloved classics and brought it to the 21st century. It still warms the heart like the classic cartoon version does, but audiences are loving the changes—both big and small. Here are a few of these changes that should motivate you to see this movie ASAP.

1. Belle is more than a bookworm

In the original movie, Belle is depicted as a beautiful woman with a leisurely life of reading all the books in the local library. Sure, she helped her papa in his workshop, but nothing that would lead viewers to believe that Belle was anything but a loving daughter. The new and improved Belle only reads as a hobby. She is too busy being somewhat of a teacher to other girls, as well as an inventor herself. Everyone knew Emma Watson would never take on a female role that wasn’t empowered, but it’s still great to see her doing it in the iconic yellow ball gown.

2. The Beast is not a villain turned good, necessarily

Instead of the original story revolving around the Beast, who is punished for his greed and arrogance, we see him as an abused boy who was molded into a monster by a rather upsetting childhood. Without any spoilers, it is no longer unbelievable that a beast could ever love.

3. Gaston has a revamped song

Everyone knows the incredibly catchy song “Gaston.” If you don’t, I guess you never watched this movie on VHS tape at least twice a day like I did growing up. In the new movie, Gaston’s song gets a bit of a makeover with additional lyrics that were never incorporated in the final cut of the original movie. Haul out the Disney vault secrets!

4. Belle and Beast have a believable connection

Not to speak ill of the original, but even as a child I never really understood how these two characters feel in love. Sure, I could maybe see a kind of weird friendship blossoming, but it was clear Disney didn’t have a clue how to turn Belle and Beast into a couple. All of that changes in the new movie. Instead of Belle acting almost as a mother figure, these characters bond over their love of books and knowledge that add a little spark to the silver screen.

5. It has Disney’s first confirmed openly gay character

It has finally happened. This is hands down the number one reason everyone needs to go out and show support for this movie. Although this may not seem revolutionary because it is certainly far from overdue, several people have gone up in arms in protests. If you want Disney to continue making movies that represent powerful women, realistic romantic relationships and accepted gay people, please buy a ticket. Disney needs to know they are making a huge step in the right direction!

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