5 Products To Organize Your Backpack

Does anyone else have as much fun as I do shopping for school supplies and carefully placing each item into its special area into your backpack?  Does anyone else know that in reality that crisp, cleanly organized backpack rarely stays that way past the end of the first week of school?

Well, we’re well past the first week of school and my backpack has never looked worse. It’s not that I'm super messy and unorganized (okay, maybe a little), it’s the lack of time I have in the day combined with the lack energy I have to put things back in the proper place. Do you feel me?

Never fear! I have found 5 products to keep your backpack as functionally organized as it was on the first day, and we all know if you're organized on the outside it’ll help you organize yourself on the inside too.  Are you also too broke to be buying such items? Honestly, me too, so no worries, I’ve got that covered too.

1. First up, the only cord organizer you’ll ever need.

With phones, laptops, iPads, headphones, portable chargers and basically every electronic imaginable, comes A LOT of cords. Wireless items still need chargers, you’ve got headphone adapters and extensions and if you have the newest MacBook Pro you've got USB, SD, and HDMI adapters to boot. No wonder backpacks become a mess of spaghetti tangled cords. With this baby, your problems may be over and there's no more yanking the cord from your bag not knowing where the end is or what its hooked on and hoping that once it comes out from the black hole that is your backpack, that it won't be damaged.

Too broke? Make use of those little pockets in your bag, use Ziplocs, try velcro, a TP roll, OR, my fave: a glasses case. Check out this link for more DIY cord organization tips!

2. Except for maybe the cord taco

Okay, I know, we JUST went over cords, but this is special people. Headphones are a particularly annoying and easily tangled sort of cord that I hate but use all of the time. This awesome little doohickey is so simple, so affordable and can change a life. (Yes, you can find cord tacos decorated as actual tacos... if you’re that kind of quirky).

Too broke? Get some felt and make your own! Or do something I LOVE to your headphones. It's pretty and prevents tangling.

3. Little bags

I don’t know what you have in your bag, but I have lip products, extra mascara, eyeliner, makeup remover, concealer (basically a mini version of my makeup bag at home) feminine products, pens, gum, bobby pins, hair ties and so on and so forth. All of these generally small items that could be floating around my bag if I didn’t use pockets and little bags just like this! Yes, I do have actual school supplies like note cards and highlighters but these bags can be used for that stuff too! They just work people, trust the girl with too many things on her person always.

Too broke? Have a bit of patience? Sew your own! I personally love the drawstring bag I got off of a flight.

4. The double dipper

So, first off, I recommend having a case for your laptop anyway (expensive technology is not likely to win against falls and liquids) PLUS with this lovely, something I do actually have but in a different brand, you can protect your device and store adapters, USB, or whatever you like!

Too Broke? Apologies, but a case really is an investment and I highly recommend having one. It’s worth it. BUT here’s a DIY option if you’re up for it.

5. Backpack in a backpack

This is for the person who wants all of the above wrapped in one slightly large package. It’s greatest power is that if you use your backpack for more than school (ie. hiking, weekend trips, work) then you can easily take this out and voilá! Welcome to your clean and empty bag that you met without having to take all of your things out and pile them on the floor.

Too broke? Make use of the pockets in your bag! This isn’t really a life necessity anyway. See above for the cute things you can buy or DIY and you’ll be the fairest in the land of backpacks.