5 Must-Haves for All Your Mini Emergencies

We’ve all been in a sticky situation before, without the tools to help us get out of it. These five things can help you to easily manage any small emergency in the future, and they can all fit into any small bag you’ve already got lying around!

  1. 1. Sewing Kit

    A simple needle and thread can do wonders for any ripped items of clothing you may have, or any buttons you might need to quickly stitch back on. Especially important to any sewing kit are safety pins. I can’t even begin to explain how helpful they can be for a skirt that’s a bit too large, or a blouse that’s a bit too gapey, or a dress whose zipper has completely given out.

  2. 2. Stapler

    As a college student, there has been many a time where I’ve been rushing out of the printing center or library and forgot to staple together the papers I’m about to turn in. And of course my teacher doesn’t have a stapler. So what do I do? I pull out my trusty tiny stapler. These bad boys are exactly the same as a regular stapler, but even smaller and more life-saving! (But don’t forget to restock on tiny staples to go along with it!)

  3. 3. First Aid Supplies

    Everyone should have a few bandaids on hand for those awful blisters you somehow always forget that you’ll find on your feet after wearing those shoes. On second thought, you should probably have some Advil as well. Those headaches sneak up on you fast, especially during times of stress, which, let’s face it, basically describes all of college

  4. 4. Scrunchies

    Every girl has definitely has been out on a blustery day without a hair tie in sight. Sticking a few cute scrunchies or any other accessory of your choice in your emergency bag will definitely save your hair from the wind, and they’ll add a bit of fun to your hairdo as well. On second thought, pack some bobby pins too, or a mini can of hairspray, for those pesky flyaways that just won’t stay down. Depending on the size of your bag, you could even throw in a travel size of dry shampoo.

  5. 5. Tampons/Pads

    We all knew this was bound to be on the list. The last thing you want is to be stuck out and about without any backup if you suddenly find that that time of the month has hit. Stuff some products in your bag and you should be good to go, no more worries, and you can help out someone else as well if they’re stuck in a similar situation!