5 Must-Have Holiday Season Accessories

Whether you have a big party, dance or dinner, the holiday season always lends itself to many fancy and fun outfits. Here's how to best accessorize this holiday season. 

Patent accessories are always sleek and sophisticated. Try patent leather detailing on your shoes, a clutch or even a purse. 

Lace accessories always come back again around the holidays. They're festive and fun, making for the perfect addition to any outfit.

Pom-poms may have been cute in second grade on your sweater, but now they're seen as posh accessories. Try a simple one on a hat or purse.  

Jewels are great to give for presents during the holiday season, but make sure to buy a few now to rock until the New Year.

Glitter and sparkles mirror the lights on the trees this time of year. Wear them on your nails, in your earrings or on a small clutch.  

Which accessory will you be wearing this holiday season? HCXO!