5 Minute Fresh Face

Sometimes we just don't want a full face of makeup. Letting our natural beauty shine is important! Picking a few days a week to lay low on the foundation and blush is always a good idea. It's fun to wear cat eyes and smoky eyes occasionally, but giving your face a rest from harsh beauty products is important. Here is a quick way to get a fresh looking makeup look in less than 5 minutes. Your morning routine will thank you. 

1. Concealer

You can make concealer feel light with just a few dots of a light concealer under your eyes and on any blemishes. This step will help you to look awake and alert. If you're using a liquid concealer, rub it together between your fingers for five seconds so it melts with body heat. Application will be quicker and you'll be able to spread it nicely on your desired spots. 

2. Tinted Moisturizer

Tinted moisturizer can bring a nice dewy look to your skin on fresh faced days. If you purchase one that includes SPF, that's even better! Tinted moisturizer feels much lighter than a heavy foundation, which usually isn't necessary on most days. Blending it in with your fingers makes for the quickest application.

3. Mascara

A swipe or two of brown or black mascara will help widen your eyes and create a doe-eyed look. You don't need eyeliner or any eye shadow for a fresh-faced look. A little bit of mascara just helps to give your eyes a pop, so you look extra alert. 

4. Eyebrow Gel

Whether it's a clear gel to keep your brows in place or one with a little tint close to your hair color, this is a great addition to any fresh faced look. Your eyebrows help to frame your face, so giving them a little love with gel will help you to look extra put together.

5. Lip Balm

I prefer a little tint to my lip balms when I'm wearing a more neutral look on my face. A glossy pop of color is a nice way to add a little attitude to your look, without overdoing it. For your natural day, you shouldn't have to feel boring. A colored balm livens up your face.

No matter how you choose to apply your makeup, your inner beauty always shines from within. HCXO!