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5 Life Lessons From Blair Waldorf

Everyone’s favorite Upper East Side young lady is chock-full of some fantastic life lessons. Although they may be a little obscured by her scheming and designer clothes, if we really take the time to unpack Blair Waldorf, we can discover a pretty powerful role model.

1. Always channel Audrey Hepburn

There is never a moment in the show where Blair is not presenting herself as a present-day Audrey Hepburn. Some of the best moments of an episode are Blair’s dreams of her life as Holly Golightly, classily eating breakfast outside of Tiffany and Co. You can never go wrong with embodying a class-act like Audrey Hepburn, so let’s definitely take this note from Miss Waldorf.

2. Never let anyone dull your sparkle

No matter what scheme, Chuck related disaster or Serena drama Blair found herself immersed in, she never let it destroy who she was. Always with a fabulous outfit on and a face of a woman with a mission, Blair Waldorf is a reminder to us all to keep yourself front and center, no matter who is trying to get you to move over.

3. Embrace your fabulousity

Throughout the series, Blair never apologizes for her outright love for fashion, decor and good taste. And honestly, no one ever should. No matter what makes you feel fabulous, be it Hermes or your favorite pajama pants, embrace it. Though there may be some people who envy it, or simply don’t understand it, never stop doing what makes you feel like the queen of your world.

4. Never settle

Just as Blair realized her fate was in fact not NYU, you too have to take life by reigns. As Blair proved time and again, life is too short to settle for being unhappy and unfulfilled. So, put on your best headband and Tory Burch flats and show the world what you’re made of.

5. Fight for what you want and fight with confidence

Whether she was fighting for true love or the title of Most Powerful Woman in Manhattan, Blair Waldorf held her confidence as high as her expectations. Even though she was sometimes forced to concede, her confidence and determination never wavered. If nothing else, learn this lesson from Blair. No matter who told her no or tried to break her spirit, she fought for what she wanted as if she was the only person in the world.

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