5 Hobbies to Try Out if You’re Bored of Everything Else

Old hobbies can get repetitive and boring sometimes, and with the wealth of opportunities to find new ones, it can be overwhelming to choose sometimes. Here are a few good ones to start with!

  1. 1. Embroidery

    OK, so this totally sounds like a grandma thing. Honestly, it kind of is. But it is SO much fun! Embroidery is a great hobby to pick up if you like art but hate drawing. All you have to do for embroidery is trace your pattern and sew. I’ve done a few patterns myself so far and it’s been a blast. For beginner embroiderers, there are kits available to start you off with basic stitches, but for more experienced individuals, any pattern you can trace onto your fabric is one you can use to embroider.

  2. 2. Puzzles

    Puzzles are awesome. They’re so rewarding once you’ve finished them. The best part is that you can pick what level of difficulty you want. 1000 pieces if you like torture, 750 if you crave frustration, 500 if you’re chill with a bit of mild annoyance, etc. You can do them with other people too if you want! Who knows, maybe you’ll start a puzzle club and make lots of new friends with your new hobby!

  3. 3. Visit Somewhere New

    Visiting a new place doesn’t have to be expensive or even that far from your comfort zone. Exploring a new part of your city or town is fun and exciting, and it can open your eyes to even more possibilities for new hobbies. This is also one you can do with friends, and in fact I would recommend it. Pick your head up from whatever textbook your professors have forced you to read and take a stroll around a new block, I promise it’ll be worth it.

  4. 4. Try a Fun Recipe

    If you’ve got a kitchen readily available, cooking once in a while can be super fun. Search up a new recipe and grab some ingredients from the nearest store, and whip up some delicious treats for you and your friends. Maybe you’ll even end up having a food fight, which is a beast to clean up but a blast to have.

  5. 5. Learn an Instrument

    This hobby can be pretty time consuming and take a lot of time and effort, but learning a musical instrument is so worth it. There are TONS of instruments to pick from, including just your voice if you want. Voice lessons can be incredibly rewarding and fun too. But learning an instrument is a great hobby, and it’ll definitely give you bonus points when you’re trying to impress a potential SO.