5 Fashion Trends to Try Out This Summer

It’s finally starting to warm up, which means the layers can come off and the colors can come out to play! We’re already seeing summer fashion trends hitting storefronts and all social media platforms, and some of them can be achieved just by reinventing what’s already in you closet. Below are five of the newest trends and the easiest way to achieve the look.

Bright Pastels

Pastels for spring and summer isn’t exactly revolutionary, but it’s come back this year with renewed force—partly powered by Taylor Swift and her new era.Two of the pastel colors ruling the roost: lime green and lavender. Walk in to any Forever 21 and you’re bound to find a myriad of different pieces in different pastel hues. Start small with lime green tube top paired with high waisted jeans or skirt, or go big by combining trends by sporting this gingham lavender sundress with a button front.

Tie Dye

Tie dye is back, but was it ever really out? Regardless, you’re going to be seeing a lot of it this summer. It’s reminiscent in a lot of ways, maybe of the DIY tie dyes of summer camp days or of the seventies. Whichever, it definitely goes well with the mood of the season. Whether it’s a multicolored hat or a muted t-shirt with a tie in the front like this one from Zara, you really can’t go wrong. Pair the look with a bright lip and some platform sandals, and strut down the beach streets like you own them (you do).

Fringe and Feathers

What year is it?? This trend will take you straight back to the days of feathers in your hair, fringe-lined jean jackets, and gladiator sandals. Now, you won’t be seeing much of that this summer, but you will be seeing fringe and feathers just in more subtle ways. For example, spring runways showed off printed wrap skirts with fringe hems and tank tops with feathers placed strategically at the straps. Check out this feather-trimmed bandeau from Urban Outfitters for inspo.   

One Shoulder Tops

This summer trend will give you ample opportunity to show off your shoulder, girl! Last summer, off-the-shoulder ruled the roost but now it’s got a strong competitor. Try out a one shoulder blouse or dress and, if the neck line seems a little conservative, opt for a sheer material to let in some light. Or, stick to a basic one shoulder white crop top that’ll go with pretty much anything like this one from Brandy Melville.

Spot On

We’ve already seen the comeback of a few patterns of the past this year such as animal print and snakeskin, but get ready to welcome back one more: polka dots. Big or small, this classic look it perfect for the flirty summer vibe. They can be bright or black and white, loud and proud or subtle and small. Go for the yellow polka dot bikini look or a red and white dotted mini dress. Pair it with a statement hair tie (those are also in) and skip on your merry way!