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5 Entry Level Jobs That’ll Pay You To Travel

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emerson chapter.

As I stare down the barrel of graduation, it’s hard not to feel utter doom for what comes after. Will I get a job? Will I have to move back home? Will I feel liberated or lost? I wish I had all the answers, but I don’t. Sometimes I wish I could just run away to a different continent and disappear for a while. I always regretted not being able to study abroad during college, and I constantly feel like I missed out on the “go travel and find yourself” journey some of my peers had. But then I realized, it’s never too late. Graduating means I finally get to do whatever I want, and that could mean traveling if I want it to. My only concern is money. How am I going to pay for my post-college Eat, Pray, Love? Well, turns out some companies might be interested in doing just that. I compiled a list of them so you can get paid to travel post-grad too. 

1.) Consider teaching English as a foriegn language.

This is one of the most popular ways people get paid to travel. English teachers are in high demand all over the world and the jobs aren’t too hard to land. There are many different programs you can go through to be placed and find a job, but most require at least a bachelor’s degree and often a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foriegn Language) certification. But you usually don’t need a teaching degree or any teaching experience. Find more information on TEFL here. 

2.) Check out opportunities with travel companies like Education First and Classic Journeys. 

Somebody has to work for the travel agencies, organizing and selling trips to people all over the world to travel all over the world, right? And because they’re doing just that, these companies have outposts around the globe giving you the opportunity to explore on their dime. Education First offers many internship and recent grad programs for college students in multiple professions. Whether a part of their entrepreneurial team or tech team, you could be placed at any one of their current 973 locations around the world. Apply for the jobs (or areas) that interest you right on their website. 

3.) Try out being a freelance travel writer.

Being a freelance writer isn’t a walk in the park; it’s a lot of work and can sometimes be discouraging, but don’t rule it out. Many people make a career out of it, and if you’re interested in traveling, it could be a good way to develop your writing portfolio while getting paid to see the world. Many digital platforms and magazines including Popsugar, Wanderlust, Travel + Leisure and more, publish freelance travel pieces.  

4.) Work in PR or event planning for music festivals (and the companies associated with them) happening abroad. 

As recommended by Forbes here, Infamous PR is a public relations firm that manages artists and labels, organizing their appearances at music festivals and managing their brand partnerships. Infamous works on festivals such as Suwannee Hulaween and work with brands like Smirnoff. And they’re not the only ones out there working in this biz. There are plenty of PR firms working with music artists all over the world, or managing the PR for companies in interesting places as well.  

5.) Apply to be an executive assistant for the big dogs in business, finance, advertising, marketing, and other fields that might take you places. 

Set aside your “eat the rich” attitude for a moment and replace it with the ever-similar “use the rich”  sentiment. Being an assistant to an all-powerful executive can feel a little bit like selling out, but it actually has the power to take you places—literally. Many executives who work for international companies are traveling all the time and taking their handy assistants with them. While they’re in meetings, you could be exploring the colorful streets of Tokyo or eating gelato in Rome. And if they like you, they might just recommend you for a position you’ll actually love.       


I am a Writing, Literature, and Publishing senior at Emerson College but I'm originally from Tampa, Florida. I love writing and I hope to eventually be writing for a magazine or an online lifestyle publication. I love music and entertainment writing as well as traveling and baking.
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