5 DIY Christmas Decorations for Your Dorm

Bring some holiday cheer to your dorm with these DIY Christmas decorations!

1. A light tree

Just because you can’t fit a Christmas tree in your dorm doesn’t mean you need to spend the holidays without one. Get crafty with some lights, and pin them in a zigzag pattern.

2. Present door

Cover your door in festive wrapping paper and stick a bow on it.

3. Paper snowflakes

Use either paper or coffee filters. You can wing it or follow instructions from sites like instructables.com or marthastewart.com. After you’re done, you can tape them on your walls, or hang them with ribbon or yarn.

4. Candy cane wreath

Tape together candy canes to make this seasonal wreath. Cut out a paper circle to tape in the middle and write a joyous holiday phrase. Hang the wreath on your door or wall with yarn.

5. Mini paper Christmas trees

Who would’ve guessed that you could make these gorgeous decorations in your dorm? It’s actually pretty easy, albeit time consuming. Cut cardboard into oval shaped flaps and glue (hot glue might work the best) them onto a bare foam cone. Cover them in glitter, paint or whatever your heart desires.

What’s your favorite way to decorate your dorm for the holidays?