5 BTS Songs to Listen to When You Want to Dance

While it’s still midterm season and we are at the halfway point in the fall semester, it’s easy to get absorbed into our work and become heavily involved in all of the commitments we have. While that may be a good thing, too much work can be overly exhausting, and sometimes even stressful. I try to abide by the common saying of “work hard, play hard,” and there’s nothing better than having a dance party and getting myself hyped up by the music of one of my favorite artists. Without further ado, here are five songs by BTS that will surely get you up off of your feet for the times when you desperately need a break from work.

  1. 1. “Trivia 起: Just Dance”

    This was the first song that immediately came to my mind when I thought of BTS songs to get up and dance to. “Trivia 起: Just Dance” is a solo track by rapline member J-Hope, and appears as the second track of CD A in BTS’ second compilation album, Love Yourself: Answer. The track’s lyrics describe the first feelings of the start of love and compares them to dance, which is exactly the happy and warm vibes we need whenever we need a break from work. This song reminds me of J-Hope’s debut mixtape titled Hope World, and it brings me joy whenever I listen to it. I also love watching J-Hope’s performance of this song at the Love Yourself: Speak Yourself Final in Seoul—he is incredibly talented, and his performances never disappoint!

  2. 2. “Boy With Luv” (feat. Halsey)

    While it may be one of the boys’ most popular songs to date, this was the song that got me into BTS in the first place, so it holds a special place in my heart. “Boy With Luv” is the lead single for BTS’ sixth extended play titled Map of the Soul: Persona. The song’s music video was the most viewed online music video in 24 hours at the time, garnering over 74.6 million views within its first day of release. The lyrics describe how love is one of the strongest forces to have, and how love comes from finding joy in the little things in life. “Boy With Luv” is incredibly catchy, and I couldn’t stop listening to it for months straight; whenever I listen to it, I have no choice but to get up and dance! I also love watching the stage mix, as well as this cute and funny dance practice—it never fails to cheer me up whenever I am feeling down!

  3. 3. "Jump"

    To go on a throwback to their older discography, “Jump” appears as the ninth track of BTS’ second mini album titled Skool Luv Affair. To be honest, “Jump” has to be one of my favorite B-side tracks ever because of how it gives me so much hype in whatever mood I am feeling. Rapline member Suga wrote “Jump” while he was still a trainee, and the lyrics talk about ambition and living life to the fullest. I think “Jump” is severely underrated, and my favorite part of the song has to be V’s verse—it’s so energetic and powerful that it’s pretty much impossible to not rap along with him. Here’s a showcase performance of “Jump” for your enjoyment!

  4. 4. "IDOL"

    If there was one song to describe a feeling of empowerment and strength, it would probably be “IDOL.” “IDOL” appears as the lead single of Love Yourself: Answer, and it debuted at number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100. There is also an alternate version of the song that features Nicki Minaj, and it was included as a bonus track with the digital album. The song combines traditional Korean musical elements with gqom, a style of house music that originated in South Africa. While “IDOL” can be considered a hype song, it also addresses the criticism that the group has faced throughout the years. Self-identity is a huge component of BTS’ Love Yourself series, and despite the hypocrisy and harsh criticism the group has faced over the years, BTS has come full circle with “IDOL” being the answer to their thoughts of questioning their own identity. Here’s their comeback stage of “IDOL,” which always brings me joy and happiness.

  5. 5. "Dope"

    “Dope” is another favorite B-side track of mine, and it always has a way of giving me energy and the feeling to dance my heart out! It appears as the fifth track for BTS’ mini album titled The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt. 1, and was repackaged in the compilation album, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever. “Dope” is considered to be a song to gain the attraction of international fans, mostly because of its saxophone-heavy and high-energy instrumentals, as well as its intricate and unique choreography. As per its introduction by RM and Jungkook, “Dope” introduces BTS to the world, and its lyrics talk about how their hard work will have a great impact on the world—and it has. Here’s one of my favorite performances of it, which will surely get you up off of your seat and dancing along!