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The 5 Best Things About Going Home

Even though you might be having the time of your life at school and really feel like you fit in, sometimes college can burn you out. You start to get sick of the food or the environment, or you feel a little overwhelmed and lost. The solution? Prescribe yourself a mini vacation and send yourself home. While going home can be really great in a lot of different ways, there are five key things that make going home a great break. 

1. Home Cooked Meals

After weeks on end of dining hall food, having a nice home cooked meal really hits the spot. Even if your mom isn’t the best chef, her chicken and salad for dinner will taste like the best thing you’ve eaten in months.

2. Your Bed

While you might have gotten used to the way you have to get a running start to hop up onto your dorm bed or no longer cringe every time you shift and it creaks, sleeping in your own bed is like sleeping on a cloud. Another plus: you’re in your own room, and it’s always nice to get a little break from sharing tight quarters with your roommate.

3. Friends & Family

Seeing friends and family you haven’t seen for months is always the best. It’s like a mini reunion every time you go home. Sadly, it’s hard to keep in touch with all of our friends from back home. We try, but eventually things get busy and phone calls, Facetimes, and texts fall to the wayside. Going home lets you reconnect with those friends that have stayed local or are also back home to visit. Going home also means seeing your family. While we like to think we’re all independent adults, nothing feels better than going home and having your family take care of you; you don’t have to worry about cooking, cleaning or laundry. Plus, we spent the first eighteen years of our life surrounded by our family, so we’re bound to miss them after just a couple months apart.

4. Familiarity 

Even after being at college for a while, it lacks familiarity. Everything at school is always changing: the people, your classes, events, schedules, your friends, etc. Your hometown on the other hand, is as familiar as the back of your hand. You know your favorite restaurant, where to go for the best coffee, you know the people, and you know how to get around.

5. Relaxing

Going home can be like a relaxing mini vacation. Physically getting away from school separates you from the stress of schoolwork and the busy college lifestyle. Plus, after being away a while, returning home can lead to lots of pampering and spoiling from family who has missed you. 


When college gets a little hectic, don’t feel bad about taking a mini vacation and going home. After all, home is where the heart is.

Lindsey Paradis has loved Boston all her life, and coming from a small Western Mass town she’s had time to enjoy it. Now at Emerson as a Writing, Literature, and Publishing major, she has more than enough time to take in the beautiful city. When she’s not working with preschoolers, Lindsey finds herself writing stories, hanging out with friends, reading her way through Game of Thrones, and watching Sex & the City.
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