5 Best Animals in Movies (Live Action)

Fuzzy companions can be the perfect companion for a big journey. Here's my personal favorites from live action films.

  1. 1. Brandy, Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

    At the top of my list is my new favorite: Brandy from Once Upon a time in... Hollywood. Brandy is Cliff Booth’s adorable dog who plays an important role in the film's final act. Tarantino even won the Palm Dog award at Cannes Film Festival for Brandy’s role. 

  2. 2. Cat, Breakfast at Tiffany’s

    One of two cats to make this list is Holly Golightly’s unnamed cat from the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, starring Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard. Cat is Holly’s only companion and real friend, before Paul Varjak. Before the film's final scene, Holly says, “I’m like Cat here. We’re a couple of no-name slobs. We belong to nobody and nobody belongs to us. We don’t even belong to each other.” Cat is important because he reunites Holly and Paul at the end, turning the movie's somber ending into something bittersweet and lovely.

  3. 3. Jonesy, Alien

    The second cat to make this list is Jonesy, Ellen Ripley’s pet cat aboard the USCSS Nostromo. Although this is a horror movie, do not fret as Jonesy is one of the only survivors of this alien attack, which is what makes Jonesy so awesome. On a spaceship with a whole crew, a cat was the only evade an alien attack, minus his owner. Jonesy helps add suspense to the story and makes Ripley’s final moments that much stronger. Also, YouTube has everything, including this video of only Jones’ scenes in Alien. 

  4. 4. Paul’s Pug, Dune

    Add this to the list of things I didn’t think I would find on YouTube: a montage of Paul Atreides’ pet pug in the 1984 science fiction film Dune, directed by David Lynch. The caption of the video says it all: “Atreides has a pet pug that was not in the book. The dog is present for many key moments, and even leads a charge against Sardaukar legions with Gurney Halleck in tow.”

  5. 5. Toto, The Wizard of Oz

    Toto is the OG furry companion whose name made it into one of the most iconic lines in the history of film: “Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.”