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5 Über-Chic Halloween Costumes

Fashion enthusiasts see Halloween as both a celebration of the spooky-scary and  an opportunity to showcase their styling chops. Here are 5 stylish costume ideas fit for a fashionista. 

1. Anna Wintour

What better way to stay chic than to dress up as one of the most prominent figures in fashion? Anna Wintour is the textbook definition of a boss b*tch, and her signature pageboy haircut, sunglasses, and Chanel ensembles are easy to recreate with a trip to the wig shop and a scroll through SheIn or Boohoo. 

2. The Plastics

The 2000s are back with a vengeance, and Halloween is the perfect occasion to pay homage to the stylish mean girl group that defined that era’s fashion (all while staying on trend). To recreate the “Pink Wednesday” look, pair a pink or light plaid skirt with a white top, a pink cardigan, and heels. 

3. Cruella de Vil

A Cruella de Vil costume has so many opportunities to be trés chic. Give this Disney villain glam refresh by slipping on a satin black dress, a luscious long faux fur coat, red leather gloves, and red pumps. Add a split black and white wig and cigarette holder to get fully into character. 

4. Cleopatra

All depictions of Cleopatra show her decked out in fancy jewels. Naturally, wearing a Cleopatra costume is immediately luxe. To recreate her look, wear a sleeveless maxi dress and an Egyptian-inspired collar necklace. Throw on some gold cuffs, earrings, gold bracelets, and chunky gold rings for accessories, and fit your hair into a structured black wig with bangs. 

5. Holly Golightly 

This classic look is extremely easy to recreate and is perfect for a more elegant, cocktail Halloween venture. Slip into a sleeveless black dress (that preferably ends at the ankles) and a pair of black heels. For accessories, wear some satin black gloves, big sunglasses, a tiny tiara, layered pearl necklaces, and, of course, a long cigarette holder. Don’t forget to throw your hair up in her iconic up-do. 


Journalism major at Emerson College. Coffee and clothing enthusiast.
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