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The 5 Absolute Best Restaurants for Vegans in Boston

1. My Thai Vegan Cafe

Next time you wanna stay in and watch movies in your favorite sweatsuit, THIS is the place to order takeout from. Not only do they have the classics like lo mein and dumplings, but they also have pad thai and an array of different curries. You also have the option of adding meat substitutes to any dish, such as “chicken,” “duck,” or “shrimp,” if you’re into that kinda thing.


2. By Chloe

I nearly fainted when I found out that By Chloe was coming to Boston last year, and now there is not only one, but TWO locations in the city. This all vegan restaurant is truly a gem for vegans and non-vegans alike because all the food is actually so good. To top it off, both locations are aesthetically pleasing, including the bathrooms that have a cool wallpaper for the backdrop of your next mirror selfie.

3. Clover

There are SO many reasons to love this vegetarian joint. Not only can you visit its multiple restaurant locations around the city, but you can also stop by one of their many traveling food trucks for a quick meal on the go. Everything here tastes even better because it’s so fresh and local. You can even see your food being prepared so you know exactly what goes into it. Not to mention that their customer service is AMAZING! Each staff member makes you feel like a celebrity and works with you decide on the perfect menu item. They even display the current wait time for each item on the board so you don’t have an excuse to take a long lunch break. Finally, the food is just great. I, along with anyone else who has ever been there, reccomend the chickpea fritter. Don’t be turned off by the “pickled” veggies. Just get it and thank me later.

4. El Pelón Taqueria 

Do yourself a favor and come here before your next Red Sox game. Any vegan knows that mexican restaurants are usually a safe bet, but did you know that this one has VEGAN CHEESE. Yup, that means you can get quesadillas, burritos, and tacos all stuffed with creamy cheese goodness.

5. FoMu

After having this for the first time, my non-vegan friend said this was “the best ice cream [they’ve] ever had.” If that testimonial hasn’t already sold you, then the hot fudge brownie sundae will.

Other honorable mentions:

  • Roxy’s Grilled Cheese (v cheese)
  • Veggie Galaxy
  • Blaze Pizza (v cheese)
  • Life Alive
  • Pressed Juicery
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