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5 ABC (Anything But Clothes) Halloween Costume Ideas

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emerson chapter.

Still searching for that perfect, budget-friendly Halloween costume? If you’re looking for a clever costume idea that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, you’re in luck! ABC (anything but clothes) Halloween costumes let you take matters into your own hands, and show off your Halloween spirit and creativity by making your OWN costume. Using anything from duct tape to trash bags to old board games, the possibilities are endless for what you can create. Take a look at these 5 ABC Halloween costume ideas to spark your own imagination!

1. Trash Bag Dress

There are so many opportunities to make a trash bag dress into your own Halloween masterpiece. From throwing on dark makeup and fake teeth and dressing up as a vampire, to purchasing a wig and painting creepy doll make up on your face, the number of costume ideas with a trash bag dress are endless.

2. Caution Tape Dress 

The Caution Tape Dress is a DIY Halloween Favorite. By using an old, unwanted dress as a base for this costume design, you can cut the amount of time it takes to create this costume, while still only spending money on caution tape. Layer caution tape over your old dress, making sure to cover every inch, to create this classic Halloween costume!

3. Gumball Machine Dress

The Gumball Machine Dress is such an easy idea for a Halloween costume. As seen in this tutorial, it is so easy to take an old t-shirt or tank top and transform it into the glass ball of the gumball machine. Instead of using a red or burgundy skirt as the base of the gumball machine, you can keep with the “ABC” costume theme, and make your own red duct tape skirt! 

4. Seashell Mermaid Top

If you’ve ever seen Disney’s The Little Mermaid, I’m sure that at one point in your life you wanted to be a mermaid. Creating your own mermaid costume top, using either an old bra or crop top in combination with shells and starfish from a local craft store, will wow all the guests at your next party. For added effect, try creating a headband with authentic fisherman netting or by hot gluing small sea shells to a one inch thick, stretchy headband. 

5. Queen of Hearts 

This Queen of Hearts costume is a lot simpler than it looks, and with only five needed materials and tools, it gives college girls no excuse to not have a fabulous Halloween costume! 

Emerson contributor